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Display Teams - Royal Air Force

Display Teams
Royal Air Force

International Display Teams
Red Arrows
Frecce Tricolori
Patrouille de France
Patrouille Suisse
Blue Angels
Patrulla Aguila
Royal Jordanian Falcons
Turkish Stars
Midnight Hawks
PC-7 Team
Team Orlik
Team Iskry
Esquadrilha da Fumaca
Black Eagles
Al Fursan
Saudi Hawks

Display Teams
Royal Air Force
Black Cats
AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers
Breitling Jet Team
The Blades
Great War Display Team
Turbulent Team
Team Raven
Twister Aerobatics Team
Fireflies Aerobatics Display Team
Trig Aerobatic Team
Wildcat Aerobatics Team

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RAF Bases
RAF Benson
RAF Brize Norton
RAF Coningsby
RAF Cranwell
RAF Leeming
RAF Linton-on-Ouse
RAF Lossiemouth
RAF Marham
RAF Northolt
RAF Odiham
RAF Scampton
RAF Shawbury
RAF Valley
RAF Waddington
RAF Wittering

Royal Air Force Display Teams 2020

Red Arrows Display Schedule 2020

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Schedule 2020

RAF Typhoon Display Schedule 2020

RAF Tutor Display Schedule 2020

RAF Chinook Display Schedule 2020

RAF Falcons Display Schedule 2020

RAF Flypasts 2019/20:
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2019

Royal Air Force Display Aircraft
Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force display aircraft includes the Typhoon FGR4, Hawk T2, Tucano T1, Grob Tutor T1, and Chinook HC4. The RAF Falcons are the Royal Air Force's parachute display team. The RAF Voyager and RAF Atlas may perform flypasts at certain airshows and the RAF Tornado GR4, and RAF Puma may be seen on static display at air shows along with other RAF types.

The Red Arrows aerobatic display team and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight have their own pages.

RAF Typhoon FGR4
Royal Air Force

The Typhoon FGR4 provides the RAF with a highly capable and extremely agile multi-role combat aircraft, capable of being deployed in the full spectrum of air operations, including air policing, peace support and high intensity conflict.

RAF Typhoon FGR4 Display Pilot 2020:
Flight Lieutenant Dean Rogers
29 (R) Squadron at RAF Coningsby.
RAF Typhoon Display Team Schedule 2020.

RAF Hawk T1 & T2
Royal Air Force

The Hawk T2 is a fully aerobatic, low wing, transonic, 2-seat training aircraft with mission avionics that are representative of front-line aircraft. It is used to train pilots for Tornado GR4, Typhoon FGR4 and F-35 Lighting II.

During the 2015 air show season the RAF displayed the Hawk T2 Role Demo team consisting of two Hawk T2 aircraft and pyrotechnics.

RAF Hawk T2 Display Pilots 2015:
Ninja 1 - Flt Lt Ben Polwin - IV(R) Sqn at RAF Valley.
Ninja 2 - Flt Lt Toby Keeley - IV(R) Sqn at RAF Valley.
(There will not be a Hawk T2 Role Demo in 2016)

RAF Tucano T1
Royal Air Force

The Tucano T1 was retired in 2019 and has been replaced by the Texan T1.

RAF Tutor T1
Royal Air Force

Used for Elementary Flying Training by the 14 University Air Squadrons and 12 Air Experience Flights throughout the UK. The RAF Tutor Display will be back for the 2017 season.

The Tutor T1 is being replaced by the Prefect T1.
RAF Tutor Display Team Schedule 2020.

RAF King Air B200
Royal Air Force

The Beech King Air B200 is being replaced by the Phenom T1.

RAF F-35B Lightning II
Royal Air Force F-35B Lightning II at RIAT 2016
RAF F-35B at RIAT 2016
The Lightning II provides UK Defence with a 5th Generation (low observable, supersonic, enhanced data fusion), multi-role, all weather, day and night aircraft that has the ability to operate from land bases as well as the Queen Elizabeth Class carriers.

The RAF F-35B Lightning II, flown by Squadron Leader Hugh Nichols, made its first UK display at the Royal International Air Tattoo in 2016.

RAF Puma HC2
Royal Air Force

The Puma HC2 is an upgraded version of the original Puma HC1. This upgrade brings the workhorse of the UK's medium battlefield helicopter fleet into the modern era. It has more powerful engines than the HC1 along with greater range and a modern digital cockpit, the Puma HC2 will be capable of operating in harsh environments, lifting troops, supplies and humanitarian aid to where it is needed.

RAF Sentinel R1
Royal Air Force

The Sentinel R1 is the RAF's only long-range wide area battlefield surveillance asset, providing critical intelligence and target tracking information to British and Coalition forces.

Poseidon MRA1
Royal Air Force

The UK is investing in nine P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) which will be called the Poseidon MRA Mk.1 in RAF service. The type will operate from RAF Lossiemouth, where infrastructure is being prepared for its arrival around 2020.

Royal Air Force Display Aircraft

RAF Chinook
Royal Air Force

The Chinook is an able and versatile support helicopter that can be armed with crew served weapons to provide self-defence, and can be operated from land or ship in such diverse environments as the Arctic, jungle and desert.

RAF Chinook Display crew 2019:
18(B) Sqn based at RAF Odiham
Display Team Captain - Squadron Leader Jon "JT" Turner
Display Co-pilot - Flight Lieutenant Anthony "Ant" Jewitt
Display Co-pilot - Flight Lieutenant Aaron Kerry
Display Crewman - Sergeant Rob "Gredders" Gredington
Display Crewman - Sergeant James "Beggsy" Begg
RAF Chinook Display Team Schedule 2020.

RAF Falcons
Royal Air Force

Widely recognised as the UK's premier military parachute display team, the Falcons, based at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, display at venues all over Britain and Europe throughout the year. The RAF Falcons utilise a variety of aircraft depending on availability and nature of the display and includes Hercules, Chinook, Puma and Dakota.

RAF Falcons Display Team 2020:
Officer Commanding - Flight Lieutenant Ashley Grey-Smart
Deputy Officer Commanding - Flight Lieutenant Chris Wilce
Team Manager - Warrant Officer Paul Floyd
Team Coach - Flight Sergeant James Bruce
Third Year Falcon - Sergeant Sean Kilkenny
Third Year Falcon - Sergeant Chris West
Third Year Falcon - Sergeant Shane Phipps
Second Year Falcon - Sergeant Michael Davies
Second Year Falcon - Sergeant Brook Stebbings
First Year Falcon - Sergeant Rob Menarry
First Year Falcon - Sergeant Ben Sammut
Survival Equipment Fitter - Corporal Nathan Fredericks
RAF Falcons Display Schedule 2020.

RAF Tornado GR4
Royal Air Force

The Tornado GR4 is a two-seat, all-weather, day/night attack and reconnaissance aircraft. It has been in service with the RAF for more than 30 years, but a combination of major upgrade programmes and numerous continual enhancements has kept the aircraft amongst the forefront of all attack aircraft. The Tornado was retired from RAF service at the end of March 2019. See Tornado Farewell Flypasts page.

RAF Hercules
Royal Air Force

The C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft is the workhorse of the RAF's Air Transport fleet and is based at RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire. RAF Hercules include the C-130K version and the newer C-130J version which has improved engines, propellers, and a digital engine-control system which gives it an increased take-off thrust and better fuel efficiency. The C-130J also has a revised flight deck with modern glass-cockpit and head-up displays.

RAF Atlas (A400M)
Royal Air Force

The Airbus A400M, which is a collaborative venture involving the governments and industries of six European countries, will support the deployment of the Joint Rapid Reaction Force and will give the RAF a tactical and strategic-airlift aircraft capable of supporting all three services and be interoperable with other nations.

C-17A Globemaster III
Royal Air Force

The C-17 gives the RAF a long range strategic heavy-lift transport aircraft that offers the ability to project and sustain an effective force close to a potential area of operations for combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian missions worldwide.

RAF Voyager
Royal Air Force

Voyager is based on the modern A330-200 passenger aircraft and will provide the RAF with a step change in reliability and capability in both the Air-to-Air Refueling and Air Transport roles.

RAF RC-135W Rivet Joint 'Airseeker'
Royal Air Force
Photo - Wiki-Commons
The RC-135W Rivet Joint is a large, all-weather electronic surveillance aircraft based on the C-135 airframe. The RC-135W Rivet Joint is equipped with a variety of sensors, allowing its multi- disciplined crew to intercept and exploit emissions across the electromagnetic spectrum, providing both strategic and tactical level intelligence. The RAF has purchased three aircraft with the final delivery expected in 2017.

RAF Sentry
Royal Air Force

The RAF operates the E-3D Sentry aircraft in the airborne surveillance and command-and-control role. The Sentry's roles include air and sea surveillance, airborne command and control, and weapons control. The RAF operates six E-3D Sentry aircraft which are based at RAF Waddington. The E-3D Sentry will be replaced by the Wedgetail aircraft.