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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, please be aware that this website is in no way connected to any of the UK Airshows that it helps to promote. This is an airshow enthusiast website which is designed to help the general public to plan a trip to the many airshows and aviation events that are held in the UK. does not organise any airshows, or operate any aircraft.

Question: How do i use this website and what are the most popular UK Airshows?
Answer: Details on how to use this website and information on the most popular UK Airshows as well as hints & tips at Airshows can be found at newbies.htm.

Question: When will a list of 2018 UK Airshow dates become available?
Answer: A list of 2018 UK Airshow Dates can be found here.

Question: Can you tell me when a particular airshow will be taking place this year?
Answer: Please have a look at the UK Airshow Calendar.

Question: Which UK airshow should i attend?
Answer: If you are new to UK airshows then click here for information on the larger UK Airshows and have a look at the Airshow Calendar for dates, official websites etc.

Question: Can i bring my Donut van to your Airshow?
Answer: does not organise any airshows, so you need to contact the airshow organiser by going to the Airshow Calendar and clicking on the event name to visit the official airshow website which should contain information and contact addresses.

Question: Can i book a military helicopter for our event?
Answer: does not operate any aircraft!

Question: Can i fly in a Spitfire?
Answer: See the following websites:,, and

Question: Can you suggest a good scanner or do you know any scanner frequencies?
Answer: There is information on handheld airband scanners on this website as well as airshow frequencies and airport frequencies.
Visit Mark's excellent scanner website at

Question: Will the Mildenhall Air fete take place this year?
Answer: There hasn't been an Air Fete at Mildenhall since the last one in 2001. A small 'community event' for the locals was planned in 2005 instead of an Air Fete but this too was cancelled. With the war on terrorism, US security concerns, parking problems at Mildenhall, cost, and now a lack of US airshow organising experience it is unlikely they will ever have another large display....Latest - RAF Mildenhall is to close as the USAF reorganize their forces in Europe.

Question: Will the Woodford Airshow take place this year?
Answer: There hasn't been a Woodford Airshow since 2000. The show was scrapped because of the torrential rain which affected the last three airshows and which in turn put an unbearable financial strain on the organisers. At its peak, the airshow attracted 100,000 visitors and raised £2.5million for the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) charities.

Question: I just heard a jet fly over my house in Wales. What was it?
Answer: There are various trackers such as 'Plane Finder' which can track civilian as well as some military aircraft in realtime on a map. To track military aircraft then use ''. For Military aircraft use 'Military Bases', and Civilian aircraft use 'UK Airports'

Question: When will tickets be available for a particular airshow?
Answer: Ticket details and booking information will be on the official airshow website. Click on the event name on the Airshow Calendar page to visit the official airshow website. Many UK Airshows are now 'ticket only' events where you buy your tickets online from the official website and there are NO tickets available at the gate.

Question: Do you know where the Vulcan will be displaying this year?
Answer: Vulcan XH558 saw its last flight in October 2015. You can still see the Vulcan on the ground at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield.

Question: Can you send me details of UK Airshows?
Answer: is an aviation/airshow enthusiast website and does not have any connections with any of the airshows or aircraft at these shows. I can't send you any details but this website contains a wealth of information about UK Airshows which is regularly updated.

Question: Can you give me any details about how i can be a wingwalker?
Answer: does not operate any aircraft or have any connections with wingwalking. Aerosuperbatics Ltd who are based at Rendcomb Airfield , Cirencester, in Gloucestershire are well known for their wingwalking and display at many airshows. The team of up to 5 Boeing Stearman aircraft and wingwalking girls were called the Breitling Wingwalkers (previously Team Guinot). They have a website at which includes contact details and how you can become a wingwalker.

Question: What are the scanner frequencies for the airshow? Answer: You can find the scanner frequencies for Airshows, and Airports on this website.

In addition to these frequencies you should have all the Common Air Display Frequencies in your scanner:
121.175, 130.675, 132.90, 130.50, 130.625, 134.55

and the NATO Common Frequencies:
Tower - 122.1, 257.8
Radar - 123.3, 344.0, 362.3, 385.4

Also add the frequencies of any Display Teams that are appearing at the airshow.

Question: How do i find Hotel Accommodation for the airshow?
Answer: The airshow calendar gives details on local hotel accommodation for each of the events listed by clicking the 'Hotel' symbol. Also the larger airshows have their own pages which contain details on accommodation and can be found via the Airshow Calendar or by going to the Airshow Venues page.

Question: What year and why was RIAT cancelled?
Answer: The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) was cancelled in 2008 due to the unusual amount of rainfall in the week preceeding the event which resulted in the car park and airfield being waterlogged. More information, photos, a list of aircraft that were to display, and a checklist of aircraft at this event can be see on the RIAT Venue page under 'RIAT photos' (2008).

Question: Why isn't there any USAF aircraft displaying at airshows this year (2013)?
Answer: Unfortunately there were no American military display aircraft in 2013 due to US budgetary restrictions and their understandable need to focus all their resources on fulfilling crucial missions around the world.

Question: Will there be an airshow at RAF Leuchars this year?
Answer: 2013 was the last airshow at RAF Leuchars as it moved its Typhoon squadrons to RAF Lossiemouth in 2014 allowing Leuchars to become an Army base by 2015. The RAF is currently conducting a review of all Airshow commitments and while it is inappropriate to pre-empt the outcome of this work, the RAF are very aware that there are many events throughout Scotland that would welcome RAF involvement, including a number of already established Airshows such as those in Prestwick, and East Fortune. No decisions have been made for the year 2014 onwards but the review is giving serious consideration to various options including a replacement for the Leuchars Airshow.

Question: Will there be an airshow at RAF Waddington this year?
Answer: There wasn't an airshow at RAF Waddington in 2015 due to the runway being refurbished. It has now been decided that there will not be any more airshows at RAF Waddington due to security concerns. There is a new airshow up the road from Waddington, at RAF Scampton, which is in September. Presently there is only one RAF airshow which is at RAF Cosford.

Question: Will there be an airshow at RNAS Culdrose this year?
Answer: There will be no Culdrose Air Day in 2017/18 as the RNAS puts its focus on defence operations. RNAS Culdrose has a vital part to play on board this new flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, and personnel need to be 'carrier ready' for this significant event. Therefore due to this focus, and existing operational commitments, RNAS Culdrose will not hold an Air Day in 2017 or 2018."

Question: Will there be an airshow at Welshpool this year?
Answer: Official announcement: It is with much regret the Committee must announce the cancellation of our 2018 show. Despite the dedicated efforts of everyone concerned a combination of factors beyond our control, including increasing costs and weather, have placed an unsustainable strain on financial resources."

Question: When will the Scampton Airshow take place?
Answer: The first Scampton Airshow took place on 9th-10th September 2017. It has been decided not to hold the airshow in 2018 as the organisers consider the many lessons learnt from their first show. However, they are hoping to run this event again in 2019.

Question: Will there be an F-35 'Lightning II' stealth fighter display in the UK this year?
Answer: The F-35 'Lightning II' stealth fighter displayed at the Farnborough International Air Show and the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at RAF Fairford in 2016. Have a look at the UK Airshow Calendar for details of when these airshows are on. The F-35 will also display at RIAT in 2018.

Question: Will there be an F-22 'Raptor' stealth fighter display in the UK this year?
Answer: The F-22 'Raptor' stealth fighter displayed at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at RAF Fairford in 2016 and will also display at RIAT 2017. Have a look at the UK Airshow Calendar for details of when this airshow is on.

Question: How fast is the speed of sound (Mach 1)?
Answer: The speed of sound depends on the altitude and temperature. A list of altitudes and speeds can be found on the 'speed of sound page'.

Question: What's the difference between a full, rolling or flat Red Arrows display?
Answer: The Red Arrows perform three types of display depending on the cloud base - full, rolling or flat.
Ideally they need the cloud base to be over 5,500ft to perform a full display which allows them to carry out a full looping display. They perform a rolling display if the cloud base is lower than 5,500ft but higher than 2,500ft which involves wing-overs and rolls instead of loops. If the cloud base is below 2,500ft then they have to perform a flat display which is mainly flypasts and steep turns.

Question: Where is the nearest UK military base that has aircraft near me?
Answer: Check out the UK Military Bases section of the website. Here you can find information on many UK Military bases including Royal Air Force, United States Air Force, Royal Navy, and Army Air Corps. There are details on current aircraft & Squadrons, history of the base, maps, scanner frequencies, trackers, and photos of the aircraft for each base.

Question: Where is my nearest UK Airport?
Answer: Check out the UK Airports section of the website. Here you can find information on the main UK airports along with scanner frequencies, arrivals, departures, airline trackers, location (maps), history of the airport, how to get there, satnav postcodes, weather forecast, and hotel accommodation.

Question: Where is my nearest UK Aviation Museum?
Answer: Check out the UK Aviation Museums section of the website. Here you can find information on over forty UK Aviation Museums including location, maps, travel, opening hours, history, photographs and a list of the aircraft exhibits.

Question: Can i track and identify an airliner or military aircraft that is flying over me?
Answer: Check out the Live Aviation page which includes various aviation trackers. You can also find civilian aircraft trackers on the UK Airports section or military aircraft trackers on the UK Military Bases section of the website.

Question: Can you take photographs at a UK Airshow and do you have any tips on using a camera.
Answer: Yes, you can take photographs at a UK Airshow and will find some useful information on this website in the airshow photography section.