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The King's Birthday Flypast 2023

The King's Birthday Flypast 2023

The King's Birthday Flypast over Buckingham Palace will take place on Saturday 17th June 2023.

A similar sized flypast was planned for the King's Coronation in May but was scaled down due to poor weather conditions. Therefore, this Birthday Flypast has been increased in size to pay tribute to the new monarch.

Aircraft from across the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force will take part in a spectacular flypast for the King's Birthday Parade, marking the first Birthday Flypast for His Majesty King Charles III.

Around 70 aircraft will take to the skies above the crowds on The Mall and over Buckingham Palace watched by Their Majesties the King and Queen, alongside other members of the royal family.

The aircraft will take off from 15 different locations across the UK before joining up across the south-east of England and flying across the capital.

Flypast over Buckingham Palace (17 June 2023):
A large formation of around 70 military aircraft will form a flypast to celebrate His Majesty the King's Birthday on 17th June 2023 in the vicinity of the North Sea, East Anglia, Essex and London to overfly Buckingham Palace at 1pm BST.

The dispersal will occur to the south and west of the London Control Zone over Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Glocestershire and Wiltshire.

King's Birthday Flypast .pdf (NATS)

King's Birthday Flypast 2023 map
Click the map above for an approximate Google map of the King's Birthday flypast.

Area A. (between 11.45 & 1.30pm BST, not below 17,500ft).
Area B. (between 12.15 & 1.30pm BST, not below 5,500ft).
Area C. (between 12.15 & 1.30pm BST, not below 7,000ft).
Area D. (between 12.15 & 1.15pm BST).
Area E. (between 12.40 & 1.15pm BST, not below 2,500ft).
Area F. (between 12.50 & 1.30pm BST, not below 2,500ft).
Area G. (between 12.50 & 1.30pm BST).
Area H. (between 12.50 & 1.30pm BST, not below 10,500ft).
Area I. (between 12.50 & 1.30pm BST, not below 10,500ft).

Aircraft taking part in the Flypast:

The event will feature a mix of aircraft ranging from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight dating back to the 1940s and the C-130 Hercules on its final ceremonial flight before retiring from service, to multiple Typhoon fighter jet aircraft and the Envoy IV CC1, making its flypast debut.

Click graphic to enlarge.

Juno HT1 x3 (Spectre - ZM530, ZM524, ZM520)
Wildcat HMA2 & Merlin HM2 x2 (Seacat - ZZ375 & ZH862, ZH843)
Wildcat AH1 & Apache x4 (Nighthawk - ZZ405 & ZM728, ZM711, ZM704, ZM726)
Wildcat AH1 & Merlin Mk4 x2 (Commando - ZZ387 & ZJ134, ZJ118)
Chinook x3 & Puma HC2 (Lifter - ZD984, ZA683, ZK551 & ZJ955)
BBMF Lancaster, Hurricane x2 & Spitfire (Memorial - PA474, PZ865, LF363, AB910)
Phenom T1 & Texan T1 x4 (Camel - ZM337 & ZM324, ZM342, ZM343, ZM327)
C-130J Hercules x3 (Omen - ZH870, ZH871, ZH868)
C-17 Globemaster III (Blackcat - ZZ177)
Voyager & A400M Atlas (Tartan - ZZ336 & ZM400)
Poseidon MRA1 & Typhoon x2 (Guernsey - ZP803 & ZK319, ZK332)
F-35B Lightning x6 (Doom - ZM144, ZM143, ZM142, ZM156, ZM158, ZM162)
Typhoon FGR4 x18 CR (Warlord & Cobra - ZK424, ZK309, ZK321, ZK379, ZK341, ZK315, ZK374, ZK364, ZK382, ZK357, ZK342, ZK331, ZK353, ZK381, ZK432, ZK329, ZK368, ZJ942)
Envoy IV (G-ZAHS) & Red Arrows x9

Texan (ZM330) - Weather check along the route / Juno HT1 (ZM531) Camera ship over London.
King's Birthday Flypast 2023 - (ADS-B Exchange Tracker):

Red Arrows Route for the King's Birthday Flypast:

NOTAMS (Timings in BST):

Red Arrows - King's Birthday Flypast, Buckingham Palace (Sat 17 June 2023):
1. 531005N 0003110W WADDINGTON AD - 12.20pm
2. 530733N 0002024W E OF METHERINGHAM - 12.22pm
3. 531038N 0002815E OVER SEA - 12.27pm
4. 525400N 0014000E OVER SEA - 12.35pm
5. 524000N 0014600E OVER SEA - 12.43pm
6. 521330N 0015312E OVER SEA - 12.48pm
7. 520512N 0012312E VCY OF WOODBRIDGE AD - 12.52pm
8. 515524N 0005336E N OF COLCHESTER - 12.57pm
9. 513558N 0000555E VCY OF FAIRLOP - 1.04pm
10. 513307N 0000058E VCY OF OLYMPIC PARK - 1.05pm
11. 513005N 0000830W BUCKINGHAM PALACE - 1.06pm
12. 512839N 0002751W HEATHROW AD - 1.08pm
13. 512900N 0003611W WINDSOR CASTLE - 1.09pm
14. 512530N 0005900W S OF READING - 1.12pm
15. 511504N 0005628W ODIHAM AD - 1.15pm
16. 510907N 0005758W VCY OF ALTON - 1.16pm
17. 510534N 0012306W NW OF WINCHESTER - 1.19pm
18. 504649N 0015031W BOURNEMOUTH AD - 1.24pm
Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements.

Red Arrows - King's Birthday Flypast (Sat 17 June 2023):


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Red Arrows & BBMF Schedules:
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Possible Frequencies for King's Birthday Flypast:
Flypast primary - 134.900
Swanwick - 261.350, 270.050, 278.000, 282.125, 282.150, 328.350
Anglia Radar - 128.925, 125.275
East Sector ICF - 133.325, 135.275, 135.625, 259.600
Central Sector ICF - 128.700, 252.875
South-east Sector ICF - 128.250, 275.625
Thames Radar - 132.700, 133.450
Northolt Approach - 126.450
Heathrow Radar - 127.525
Red Arrows - 243.450, 242.200
BBMF - 120.800, 122.700

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