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Photographs (previous years):
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2006. (Andy Court).
Queen's Birthday Flypast rehearsals 2007. (Andy Court).
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2013. (David Hackney).
Queen's Birthday Flypast Rehearsal 2016. (John B).

Last year's information:
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2016 Information.

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UK Airshow Calendar 2017.
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Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - Red Arrows Route.
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 aircraft video.
How the formation came together video.

RAF Bases
RAF Benson
RAF Brize Norton
RAF Coningsby
RAF Cranwell
RAF Leeming
RAF Linton-on-Ouse
RAF Lossiemouth
RAF Marham
RAF Northolt
RAF Odiham
RAF Scampton
RAF Shawbury
RAF Valley
RAF Waddington
RAF Wittering

Scanner Frequencies for Queen's Flypast over the Mall (previous years):
123.300 NATO Common Radar
132.900 NEATISHEAD (Displays/Fly-Past) Primary
134.550 NEATISHEAD (Displays/Fly-Past) Secondary
135.275 LONDON MIL(East) Fly-Past Monitor Primary
135.925 LONDON MIL(East) Pre-Join Transit
232.875 31 Sqn Air-to-Air GOLD STAR OPS
243.450 RED ARROWS Air-to-Air
244.550 56(R) Sqn Air-to-Air
260.150 NEATISHEAD(TAD 100 Series) Tanker Co-ord Primary
275.350 LONDON MIL(West) Pre-Join Transit for Brize based aircraft
277.775 LONDON MIL(East) Pre-Join Transit & Co-ord
299.975 LONDON MIL(East) Fly-Past Monitor Secondary/Pre-Join Co-ord
300.100 Air-to-Air Refuelling LION/MADRAS
369.125 NEATISHEAD(TAD 100 Series) Tanker Co-ord Secondary

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 Photographs
Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 - David Hackney

Photos by David Hackney.

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017

The Queen's Birthday Flypast over Buckingham Palace will take place on Saturday 17th June 2017. Rehearsals for this flypast will be held during the period 13th to 15th June 2017.

A large formation of military aircraft will form Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday Flypast on 17 June 2017. The Flypast formation will form up at Southwold, Suffolk and route via Ipswich, abeam Colchester, Chelmsford and enter the London City Control Zone south of Stapleford aerodrome; the formation will overfly Buckingham Palace and route via RAF Northolt and RAF Halton/Naphill and disperse in the RAF Brize Norton area. The flypast will be over Buckingham Palace at 1pm.

NATS Aeronautical Information Service.

Queens Birthday Flypast 2017 rehearsal. Queens Birthday Flypast 2017.

Click on the pictures to see the NOTAMS and maps.

The rehearsals will start in the vicinity of Southwold, Suffolk then route via the overhead of RAF Marham, Norfolk and conclude, for dispersal, at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

The rehearsals took place on 13th June 2017 and the following aircraft, serials, and callsigns were noted:
Chinook HC4 (Vortex 1) ZD574
Puma HC2
King Air B200 x3 (Memorial/Camel) ZK452, ZH456 (represents the BBMF)
Beech Shadow R1 (Snake49) ZZ419
C-17 Globemaster III (Blackcat) ZZ178
BAe 146 C3 (Claret) ZE707
A400M Atlas (Grizzly 1) ZM406
C-130J Hercules (Grizzly 2) - ZH879
C-130J Hercules (VN11) - ZH868
Sentinel R1 (Snapshot) ZJ690
Typhoon FGR4 x4 (TripleX 1-4) ZK352, ZJ930, ZK307
Voyager (Tartan) ZZ343
Tornado GR4 x2 (Vermin/Rebel) ZA614
Hawk T1 (Aggressor) - (represents the Red Arrows)

Red Arrows Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 Route:

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 Aircraft:
29 RAF Aircraft, of 15 different types, from 8 RAF bases across the country will be flying over Buckingham Palace at 13:00 this afternoon. They represent the variety of Aircraft needed to secure our skies and protect our people at home and abroad. Here is the line-up, as you would see it from The Mall in Central London.

Chinook HC4 (ZD574) RAF Odiham
Puma HC2 (XW209) RAF Benson
BBMF Spitfire (P7350) & Hurricanes (LF363, PZ865) - RAF Coningsby
Shadow R1 (ZZ419) RAF Waddington
King Air B200 x2 (ZK459, ZK452) RAF Cranwell
C-17 Globemaster III (ZZ174) RAF Brize Norton
BAe 146 C3 (ZE701) RAF Northolt
A400M Atlas (ZM412) RAF Brize Norton
C-130J Hercules (ZH874) RAF Brize Norton
Sentinel R1 (ZJ690) RAF Waddington
Typhoon FGR4 x4 (ZK311, ZK325, ZK343, ZK363) RAF Coningsby
Voyager (ZZ331) RAF Brize Norton
Tornado GR4 x2 (ZA459, ZD848) RAF Marham
Red Arrows (XX177, XX204, XX227, XX242, XX244, XX245, XX311, XX319, XX323) RAF Scampton

Queen's Birthday Flypast 2017 video (shows a graphic representation of the aircraft taking part).

29 Aircraft from 8 RAF Bases across the country came together to fly over Buckingham Palace at exactly 13:00 on Saturday 17th June 2017. This requires pin-point accuracy and skill from all RAF Personnel involved. This animation shows how the formation came together over South-East England - one of the world's busiest airspaces.