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Aviation Photograph Competition

Photograph Competition Rules

Would you like to see your photograph on the Homepage for a month?

Send your photograph or email to and it will be judged along with other entries to decide the winner who will have their photograph displayed on the Homepage for one month. There will be a new theme each month and your photograph must be relevant to this. Remember only one picture per person and it must be a photograph that is owned by you.(see Rules below).

Next month's theme is 'D-Day 80'. As we commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, this year, and will see many DC-3, C-47 Skytrain (Dakota) aircraft, then let's see your best photos of this aircraft....

Please send in your entries by May 26th and the winning photograph will be on the Homepage on June 1st 2024 for a month. The Photograph Competition starts at the beginning of each month.

You can enter just one photograph per month.
Please send your photograph in .jpg format.
The photograph must be all your own work, you must have copyright.
Please make the size of your photograph no larger than 1024 pixels across.
Photos will be judged on quality, relevance to the theme, rarity, and how good it looks on the Homepage.
The Photo-competition will start and have a new theme at the beginning of each month.
Sorry, NO prizes but you will have your picture on the Homepage for one month.
Please send some info about the picture such as what it is, where it was taken, camera/lens used and your name.

Your photo must be relevant to the theme.
The larger the filesize the better the image quality. Filesizes up to 1MB+ are accepted.
Check that the exposure is correct with no blown highlights or underexposed aircraft.
If applicable then make sure runways and buildings are fairly straight.
Flying aircraft are generally preferred over static aircraft as they are harder to capture.
If it looks good on the Homepage then it will have more chance of winning.

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This months photographs

'Apache Helicopter'

The winning photograph for May 2024

Click to see larger image
Army Air Corps Apache at RIAT     William Kemp

Army Air Corps Apache taken at RIAT. Nikon d5600 & Sigma 150-600 lens.

William Kemp

Thanks to everyone that took part in the Photo-Competition.

Click to see larger image
Apache AH1 at Cosford Airshow 2017. Taken on the Canon 7d mk2 and EF70-200 f2.8 L Is ll USM.

Alan M Daintry
Click to see larger image
Apache helicopter taken at RIAT airshow on 19/7/15 with a Canon EOS 60D and Sigma EX 120-300mm APO lens f8, 1/320.

Graham Hoare
Click to see larger image
Westland AH-64D Apaches at IWM Duxford, VE Day Air Show, 2015.

Andrew Ratcliffe
Click to see larger image
Apache at Volkel, in 2013, with my Canon EOS650D, and 55-250 lens.

Peter Busby
Click to see larger image
Army Air Corps AH-64 Apache at the Kemble Airshow 2009. Taken with a Nikon D80 camera and Sigma 18-200mm lens.

Keith Griffiths
Click to see larger image
Blue skies over Brize Norton, taken in October 2020 with my Canon 80D 200mm at 1/80.

Barry Hargreaves

Monthly winners in 2023:

January 2023 (John Taylor)

February 2023 (Keith Griffiths)

March 2023 (Keith Griffiths)
(The Blades)

April 2023 (Peter Busby)
(Royal Air Force)

May 2023 (Keith Griffiths)
(Props only)

June 2023 (John Taylor)

July 2023 (Keith Griffiths)
(Battle of the Atlantic)

August 2023 (Peter Busby)
(Aerial refueling)

September 2023 (Peter Busby)
(Display Teams)

October 2023 (Keith Griffiths)
(Favourite Aircraft)

November 2023 (Paul Langford)
(Italian Air Force 100)

December 2023 (Allan Donaldson)
(Gazelle Helicopter)

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