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RAF Leeming

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RAF Leeming - Andy Court.Pic - Andy Court.

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7,516ft (16/34)

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RAF Leeming - Andy Court.
100 Sqn Hawk T1 which was based at RAF Leeming - Andy Court

RAF Leeming is located south of Darlington in North Yorkshire and trains, delivers, and supports UK and overseas Expeditionary Air Operations. It is home to a joint Royal Air Force & Qatar Air Force (QEAF) Hawk training squadron which trains QEAF and RAF fast jet pilots on Qatar's nine Hawk T2 Mk167 aircraft.

The Station is home to a diverse range of squadrons and lodger units including 90 Signals Unit, and a Mountain Rescue Team. With its close proximity to training areas at Spadeadam, Otterburn and Catterick, RAF Leeming is the preferred site for deployed exercises and detachments from UK and overseas units.

RAF Leeming Satellite View

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Scanner Frequencies

RAF Leeming Scanner Frequencies
Approach - 278.225, *362.300, *123.300
Zone - 133.375, 372.300
Radar (Director) - 233.900
PAR - 373.550, 245.625, *123.300
Tower - 120.500, 376.850, *122.100
Ground - 379.900
OPS - 377.750
ATIS - 369.475
*= NATO Common Frequency

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Aircraft & Squadrons
In September 2021, a joint RAF & Qatar Air Force (QEAF) Hawk training squadron was established at RAF Leeming. 11 Squadron trains QEAF and RAF fast jet pilots on Qatar's nine Hawk T2 Mk167 aircraft. The squadron will train a total of eight Qatari pilots a year and up to 20 pilots before the delivery of Typhoons to QEAF in 2023. More information can be found here and here.

RAF Leeming was home to 100 Sqn (No.1 Group) which provided Hawk T1 'aggressor' aircraft for air combat training but this has now been replaced by a contract with Draken Europe which will provide combat training using L-159E Honey Badger aircraft based at Teesside International Airport.

RAF Leeming is home to No.135 EAW, No.607 Sqn and Joint Forward Air Control Training and Standardisation Unit of No.1 Group (Air Combat) RAF. No.2 Group (Air Combat Support) RAF provides No.2 Force Protection Wing, No.34 Sqn RAF Regiment, No.609 Sqn, as well as No.90 Signals Unit and the RAF Leeming Mountain Rescue Team.

No.2 Flying Training School is also based here with No.9 Air Experience Flight, No.11 Air Experience Flight, Northumbrian Universities Air Squadron and Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron, all operating the Tutor T1 in the Elementary Flying Training role. The North Region Headquarters of the Air Training Corps are based here.

11 Sqn RAF/QEAF - Qatar Emiri AF - Hawk T2 Mk167
100 Squadron - Hawk T1 (Aggressor Squadron).
No.9 Air Experience Flight - Tutor T1.
No.11 Air Experience Flight - Tutor T1.
Northumbrian University Air Squadron - Tutor T1.
Yorkshire University Air Squadron - Tutor T1.

The Ministry of Defence announced that it planned to retire all Hawk T1 aircraft in the Strategic Defence and Security Review. The Hawk T1 aircraft retired at the end of March 2022. Draken Europe is to provide aggressor training with L-159E Honey Badger aircraft, based at Teesside International Airport.

With the closure of RAF Scampton, HHA Hawker Hunters are currently operating from RAF Leeming. They left RAF Scampton on Wednesday 21st September 2022.

RAF Leeming was opened in 1940 as a bomber station. It was assigned to the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943 who operated the Whitley, Stirling, Halifax and Lancaster bombers.

After the War, RAF Leeming became a night fighter base operating Mosquitos, and later using Meteor and Javelin aircraft before becoming a Training Command airfield in 1961 and using Jet Provosts.

In 1998, it became a front line base in the air defence role equipped with Tornado F3s, until 2008 when the remaining Tornado aircraft were disbanded. RAF Coningsby took over from RAF Leeming as England's main Air Defence base in 2008.

RAF Leeming saw substantial redevelopment as a communications hub, with 90 Signals Unit being the resident unit. The only remaining jets were the BAe Hawks of 100 Squadron which provides an air combat training service as well as support to the Joint Forward Air Control Training and Standards Unit (JFACTSU). 100 Sqn disbanded on 31 March 2022.


RAF Hawk T1.RAF Hawk T1.

RAF Hawk T1.RAF Hawk T1.

Tutor T1.Tutor T1.

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