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RAF Cosford Airshow 2018

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Cosford History

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County: Shropshire
Satnav Postcode: TF11 8UP

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RAF Cosford Museum

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RAF Cosford Airshow 2018

RAF Cosford History
RAF Cosford opened in 1938 as a joint aircraft maintenance, storage and technical training unit and has remained mainly a training unit to this day. The Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service hospital was established at RAF Cosford from 1977 until 1980. The extensive sports facilities at Cosford, located around a banked indoor running track, became well known nationally through televised annual indoor championships that featured top athletes from all over the world.

Today Cosford is home to No. 1 School of Technical Training, No. 1 Radio School RAF, the Defence School of Photography and the RAF School of Physical Training. Flying units include the University of Birmingham Air Squadron, No 8 Air Experience Flight and No 633 Volunteer Gliding Squadron. The Wales and West regional headquarters and West Mercian Wing headquarters of the Air Training Corps are situated there, along with No 2497 (Cosford) Squadron of the ATC. There are many Sepecat Jaguar aircraft at RAF Cosford which are used for ground instructional use.

RAF Cosford is also home to the RAF Cosford Museum which is a branch of the Royal Air Force Museum. Amongst the large collection of military aircraft is a unique collection of research and development aircraft, including one of two existing examples of the TSR2. The collection also includes early missiles and rocketry. In February 2007, the Princess Royal opened the new National Cold War Exhibition at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford which includes Britain's three V-bombers: Vulcan, Victor and Valiant and many other aircraft from the cold war period.

The RAF Cosford Air Show 2018 will feature a unique mix of aircraft, spanning the 100-year history of the Royal Air Force, which will be showcased in the flying display and in our special RAF100 Static Exhibition. This is a never before seen collection of aircraft that gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the revolution of air power over the last 100 years.

RAF Cosford 2018 Press Releases:

RAF Cosford Air Show
Belgian displays add international flair to air show line-up...

RAF Cosford Air Show
Jet from New Zealand to make 11,000 mile journey to join RAF Cosford Air Show 2018...

RAF Cosford Air Show
Beasts from the east: Polish jet added to Air Show line-up...

RAF Cosford Air Show
Rare WWII fighters added to air show line-up...

RAF Cosford Air Show 2018
Historic helicopters added to Air Show line-up...

RAF Cosford Air Show 2018
First warbirds join RAF100 celebrations at RAF Cosford Air Show...

RAF Cosford Air Show 2018
Historic Phantom arrives at RAF Cosford in preperation for RAF100 Air Show...

RAF Cosford Air Show 2018
Spectacular tribute to celebrate Royal Air Force centenary planned at RAF Cosford Air Show 2018...

Red Arrows.
Red Arrows Display Schedule:

Sunday 10/6/18:
Between 15:55 and 16:35

BBMF Display Schedule:

Sunday 10/6/18:
RAF Cosford - 14:00 - Dakota
RAF Cosford - 14:00 - Lancaster, Hurricane & Spitfire

RAF Cosford Airshow 2018
Polish Air Force MiG-29 - RAF Cosford Airshow 2018

RAF Cosford holds a popular airshow every year in June, which is held traditionally on the second Sunday of the month. The show usually has attendance figures of over 50,000.

RAF Cosford is the only Royal Air Force airshow now that RAF Leuchars has become an Army base, and RAF Waddington has cancelled their airshow.

As this airshow venue has a short runway of 3,891 ft then many of the aircraft have to use the runways at nearby RAF Shawbury.

In recent years the static aircraft display have included some of the rare museum aircraft which are placed outside.

Cosford 2018 Airshow:

10 June - RAF Cosford Airshow 2018

RAF Cosford Airshow 2018:

The themes for 2018 include the Royal Air Force's centenary - RAF100.

One of the most exciting attractions planned for the Air Show is a showcase of 100 aircraft in a chronological exhibition showcasing the development of aeronautical design and capability over the past century. Many of the RAF Museum aircraft will be taken out from their hangars to join the special RAF100 exhibition on the airfield.

10 June - RAF Cosford Airshow 2018

Participating aircraft:
(F)=Flying Display, (S)=Static Display

Policing the Empire
Avro 504 - Great War Display Team (F)
Blackburn B2 (S)
Bristol M1c - RAF Museum (S)
de Havilland DH.60 Cirrus Moth (S)
de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth - FHE (S)
Tiger 9 Display Team (F)
Hawker Fury I - K5674 Historic Aircraft Collection (F)
Hawker Nimrod II - Historic Aircraft Collection (S)
Miles Magister - Private (S)
Morane-Saulnier Type N - Ridley's Aeroplane Co. (S)
RAF Be.2 - WWI Aviation Heritage Trust (S)
RAF Be.2c - Great War Display Team (F)
RAF SE.5a - Great War Display Team (S)
RAF SE.5a - Great War Display Team (F)
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter - RAF Museum (S)
Sopwith Triplane - Great War Display Team (S)

World at War
Anson C19 - BAE Systems (F)
Avro Lancaster - BBMF (F)
Bristol Blenheim I - ARC (F)
Boulton Paul Defiant I - RAF Museum (S)
Curtiss P-40F Warhawk - TFC (S)
de Havilland DH.87 Hornet Moth (S)
de Havilland DH.89A Dragon Rapide (S)
C-47 Dakota - BBMF (F)
Douglas C-47 Dakota - Aces High (S)
Fairchild Argus II - Private (S)
Hawker Hurricane I - Air Leasing Ltd (F)
Hawker Hurricane I - Bygone Aviation Ltd (S)
Hawker Hurricane IIc - BBMF (F)
Gloster Gladiator I - RAF Museum (S)
North American Harvard IV - T6 Harvard Aviation (S)
Sharkmouth P-51D Mustang - NFS (S)
Percival Prentice - AeroLegends (S)
P-47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie' (S)
Spitfire I - IWM Duxford / ARCo (F)
Spitfire Vb - HAC (S)
Spitfire IX - BBMF (F)
Spitfire PR.XI - Hangar 11 (F)
Spitfire PR.IX - ARCo (S)
Spitfire XIV - Air Leasing (S)

Age of Uncertainty
Auster AOP6 - Private (S)
BAC Jet Provost T3a - Private (S)
BAC Jet Provost T3 - Private (S)
BAC Jet Provost T5 - Private (S)
BAC Jet Provost T5 - Jet Aerobatics (F)
Blackburn Buccaneer S2B - GJD Services (S)
Boulton Paul Balliol T2 (S)
Bristol 171 Sycamore - Flying Bulls (F)
de Havilland Chipmunk - Private (S)
de Havilland Chipmunk - Private (S)
de Havilland Chipmunk - Private (F)
de Havilland Devon C2 - RAF Museum (S)
English Electric Lightning F6 - GJD Services / CAHC (S)
F-4K Phantom II - BPAG/GJD Services (S)
Gloster Meteor F9/40 - RAF Museum (S)
Hawker Hunter T7 - GJD Services (S)
Hawker Siddley Harrier GR3 - RAF Cosford (S)
Tornado F3 - RAF Cosford (S)
Tornado GR1 - RAF Cosford (S)
Percival Pembroke C1 - Private (F)
Percival Pembroke C1 - RAF Museum (S)
Percival Piston Provost T1 - RAF Cosford (S)
Jaguar GR1 - 1 SoTT (S)
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 - Private (S)
Scottish Aviation Jetstream T1 - RAF Museum (S)
Slingsby Venture (S)
Gazelle HT2 - Gazelle Squadron Display Team (F)
Gazelle HT3 - Gazelle Squadron Display Team (F)
Gazelle HT3 - Gazelle Squadron Display Team (S)
Sea King HAR3 - RAF Cosford (S)
Westland Wessex HC2 - RAF St Mawgan (S)
Westland Whirlwind HAR10 - Historic Helicopters (F)
Westland Whirlwind HAR10 (S) - YHPG

New Millennium
*Red Arrows (F)
RAF Falcons (F)
Aeropro EuroFOX 912 - RAF100 GBNZ Expedition (S)
Airbus A400M Atlas (F)
H135 Juno helicopter (Flypast)
H145 Jupiter helicopter (Flypast)
H135 Juno helicopter (S)
H145 Jupiter helicopter (S)
BAE Systems Harrier GR9 - RAF Cosford (S)
BAE Systems Hawk T1 - RAF Shawbury Storage Flight (S)
Hawk T2 (Flypast)
RAF Chinook (F)
RAF Typhoon (F)
Eurofighter Typhoon - Full size replica (S)
Grob Tutor T1 (F)
Grob Tutor T1 - University of Birmingham (S)
Grob Tutor T1 - University of Birmingham (Flypast)
Grob Prefect T1 (Flypast)
Grob Prefect T1 (S)
Grob Viking T1 (S)
F-35B Lightning II replica (S)
Tornado GR4 (Flypast)
Tornado GR4 - 1 SoTT (S)
SEPECAT Jaguar GR3 - 1 SoTT (S)
SEPECAT Jaguar T4 - 1 SoTT (S)
Tucano T1 (Flypast)
Tucano T1 (S)

Belgian Air Force A109 (F)
Airbus Helicopters H125 - QinetiQ (S)
Airbus Helicopters H145 - Air Ambulance (S)
Royal Netherlands Air Force NH90 NFH helicopter (S)
Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing B757-2K2 (F)
Bolkow Bo-105 - Flying Bulls (F)
French Air Force Rafale C (F)
Belgian Air Force F-16 (F)
Royal Navy Merlin HM2 (S)
Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 (Flypast)
Polish Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrum (F)
Polish Navy PZL M28 Bryza (S)
Irish Air Corps EC135 helicopter (S)

*The Red Arrows plan on performing along the normal display axis in 2018.

The Hawk T2 formation will be joined by examples of the Tutor, Prefect & Tucano to showcase Royal Air Force flying training as part of the flying display.

RAF Cosford 2018 Tickets:
Tickets are on sale at £25.00 per adult. Tickets will not be available at the gate. Under 16s are free when accompanied by an adult.

Please visit the official RAF Cosford Airshow website for ticket prices and booking.

Gates open: 7.30am
Flying display: approx 11.30am to 5.30pm
Showground closes: 7pm.

Ground Displays:
There will be a wide and varied programme of activities on the ground including the unique RAF100 static exhibition, the 'STEM Hangar', 'The Vintage Village', 'RAF Village', a funfair, food & refreshments, and trade & exhibitor stalls.

More information on ground activities can be found on the official RAF Cosford Airshow website.

RAF Cosford Air Show 2018 Review:
Cosford Air Show 2018 Review

Hotel Accommodation:
Local hotels for the RAF Cosford Airshow


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Cosford Jaguar.

Cosford Harrier.

Juno helicopter.

RNZAF Boeing 757-2K2.

2018 Airshow breaks.

Scanner Frequencies for RAF Cosford:
Approach - 135.875, 376.425
Tower - 128.650, 378.650
Ground - 121.950, 241.400
Airshow - The airshow will most likely use a 'Common Air Display Frequency'. See below:

Common Air Display Frequencies:
121.175, 130.675, 132.900, 130.500, 130.625, 134.550

Red Arrows:
243.450, 242.200

120.800, 122.700

Falcons Parachute Team:
255.100, 397.400, 256.900

RAF Shawbury Frequencies.