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Red Arrows Schedule for 2024

Red Arrows Display Schedule 2024

Red Arrows Schedule 2024.

2024 will be the Red Arrows 60th anniversary. They will display with nine Hawk T1 aircraft this year and have unveiled special artwork on the side and tailfin of each jet which acknowledges the Diamond Season and includes outlines of two Red Arrows Hawk jets, trailing patriotic colours.

The Red Arrows will go on a five-week overseas tour to Canada, named Maple Hawk, from the second-half of August 2024, to help mark the centennial of the Royal Canadian Air Force.
Red Arrows Events/Flypasts in 2024:

07 February 2024 - The Red Arrows flew their first nine-ship flight this year at RAF Waddington.
19-22 February 2024 - Red Arrows Practice at Tain Air Weapons Range, Scotland.
11 April 2024 - Red Arrows transit to Croatia for pre-season training (Exercise Springhawk).
26 April 2024 - Red Arrows arrive in Greece for 2nd part of Exercise Springhawk.
16 May 2024 - Red Arrows have been granted Public Display Authority.

May 2024

18 May - Flisvos, Paleo Faliro, Athens, Greece Display
21 May - Battle of Crete, Souda Bay, Greece Display
25 May - Meeting Aerien International Du Grand Est, Chambley, France Display
31 May - Midlands Air Festival Display

June 2024

01 June - Midlands Air Festival Display
01 June - English Riviera Airshow, Torbay Display
02 June - Midlands Air Festival Display
02 June - IWM Duxford D-Day 80 Display
05 June - D-Day 80th National Commemorative Event Flypast Portsmouth
06 June - D-Day 80th National Commemorative Event Flypast Normandy, France
07 June - Isle of Man TT Display
08 June - Portsmouth's Armed Forces Day, Southsea Common, Southsea, Portsmouth Display
09 June - RAF Cosford Air Show Display
13 June - Guernsey Air Display
15 June - HM The King's Birthday Flypast, London (flypast-only)
16 June - Sola Airshow, Norway Display
22 June - Northern Ireland Armed Forces Day, Jordanstown Loughshore Park Display
22 June - The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, Portsoy Display
23 June - Sywell Airshow Display
29 June - Cleethorpes Armed Forces' Weekend Display
29 June - Shuttleworth Festival of Flight Display
30 June - Folkestone Armed Forces' Day Display

July 2024

05 July - Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow Display
06 July - The Wales Airshow, Swansea Display
06 July - Teignmouth Airshow Display
07 July - F1 British Grand Prix, Silverstone Display
11 July - Goodwood Festival of Speed Display
12 July - Goodwood Festival of Speed Display
13 July - * RAF Waddington Families Day Display
13 July - Southport Airshow Display
14 July - Southport Airshow Display
18 July - Defence Academy, Shrivenham Station, Oxfordshire Display
19 July - Royal International Air Tattoo Display
20 July - Royal International Air Tattoo Display
21 July - Royal International Air Tattoo Display
22 July - Farnborough International Airshow (flypast-only)
25 July - * RAF Leeming Families Day Display

August 2024

08 August - * RAF Valley Families Day Display
09 August - * RAF Odiham Families Day Display
10 August - Blackpool Airshow Display
10 August - Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (flypast-only)
11 August - Blackpool Airshow Display
15 August - Eastbourne International Airshow Display
Canada Tour:
24 August - Air Show Atlantic - Greenwood, Nova Scotia Display
25 August - Air Show Atlantic - Greenwood, Nova Scotia Display
28 August - Niagara Falls, Ontario Flypast
31 August - Canadian International Air Show - Toronto, Ontario Display

September 2024

01 September - Canadian International Air Show - Toronto, Ontario Display
02 September - Canadian International Air Show - Toronto, Ontario Display
04 September - Ottawa, Ontario Flypast
06 September - Aero Gatineau-Ottawa - Quebec Display
07 September - Aero Gatineau-Ottawa - Quebec Display
08 September - Aero Gatineau-Ottawa - Quebec Display
13 September - Airshow London - London, Ontario Display
14 September - Airshow London - London, Ontario Display
15 September - Airshow London - London, Ontario Display
18 September - Montreal, Quebec Flypast
unknown date - St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Flypast

October 2024

05 October - Duxford End of Season Finale Display

* Note that RAF Families Days are NOT open to the public.

Red Arrows Flypasts and RAF Families Days Displays are in italics.

Red Arrows Schedule 2024.
The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows fly nine BAE SYSTEMS Hawk T.1 advanced trainer aircraft and are currently based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

Red Arrows Training:
The Red Arrows begin training for the forthcoming season almost as soon as the previous year has ended.

Typically, winter training starts in October, with small groups of three or four aircraft formations. Each pilot flies three sorties a day, five days a week, and the formations grow in aircraft number as training progresses. These flights involve a thorough brief, debrief and discussion to ensure safety is paramount and the formations are precise. One complete cycle consisting of these elements lasts about two hours, usually with a 30-minute flight.

Winter training lasts until mid-March, when the team usually moves overseas to a location with more predictable, settled weather to maximise flying hours and perfect the display. This is known as Exercise Springhawk. During Springhawk the team is assessed by senior Royal Air Force officers, with the aim of gaining Public Display Authority. If this is awarded, the Squadron's pilots change from green coveralls into their famous red flying suits and the ground crew are allowed to wear their royal blue display coveralls.

The season then officially begins and public performances by the Red Arrows are permitted.

Types of Display:
There are three types of display the Team Leader can elect to fly - full, rolling or flat. To carry out a full, looping, display the base of the cloud must be above 5,500ft to avoid the aircraft entering the cloud at the top of the loop. If the cloud base is less than 5,500ft, but more than 2,500ft, the team will perform the rolling display - substituting wing-overs and rolls for the loops. And when the cloud base is below 2,500ft, the Team will fly the flat display, consisting of a series of flypasts and steep turns.

Red Arrows Team Pilots for the 2024 season:
Red 1 - Sqn Ldr Jon Bond (Team Leader)
Red 2 - Sqn Ldr Chris McCann
Red 3 - Flt Lt Dustin Wales
Red 4 - Flt Lt Ollie Suckling
Red 5 - Fl Lt George Hobday
Red 6 - Fl Lt Stuart Roberts (Synchro Leader)
Red 7 - Sqn Ldr Tom Hansford (Synchro 2)
Red 8 - Fl Lt Richard Walker
Red 9 - Fl Lt Patrick Kershaw
Red 10 - Sqn Ldr Graeme Muscat (Safety Supervisor & Commentator)
Officer Commanding - Wing Commander Adam Collins.

There is actually a 10th Red Arrow (Safety Supervisor) who provides commentary during the display as well as flying the Red Arrows photographers and spare jet.

Red Arrows Press Releases:

Red Arrows (May 2024)
Red Arrows start diamond display season.

Red Arrows (Feb 2024)
Red Arrows launch 60th Diamond Season plans.

Red Arrows (Oct 2023)
New Red 1 prepares Diamond Nine for 60th season.

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Red Arrows UK Public Displays 2024 Map:

Red Arrows NOTAMs & Google Map Routes:

NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) are published to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight.

The NOTAMs consist of co-ordinates, place names and timings which give an idea of the route that the Red Arrows might take. Bear in mind that due to weather or operational contraints then the route and timings may change or even cancel at short notice.

This page contains Red Arrows Google map routes/timings based on NOTAMs to give people an idea of the route, but it may not always be accurate.

Timings in the NOTAMs are usually in Zulu Time/Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but on this page it is converted to British Summer Time (BST), during the Summer, to make it easier to understand.
How the Red Arrows plan a Flypast:

Red Arrows Canada Tour 2024:
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Red Arrows Relocation
The Red Arrows are currently based at RAF Waddington after they moved from their former home at RAF Scampton in 2022.
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Red Arrows Scanner Frequencies::
243.450, 242.200

Red Arrows Official Calendar

NATS Aeronautical Information Service (AIS).
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