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JHC FS Aldergrove

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JHC FS Aldergrove.

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Runway(s) :
9,121ft (07/25)
6,204ft (17/35)

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JHC FS Aldergrove.
Gazelle AH.1

Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station (JHC FS) Aldergrove is located south of Antrim in Northern Ireland. The flying station adjoins Belfast International Airport and shares the runways but has its own separate facilities and helipad.

JHC FS Aldergrove is currently home to 665 Squadron (AAC/JHC) with their Westland Gazelle AH.1s and 651 Squadron (AAC/RAF personnel) with their Britten-Norman Defender aircraft. The Northern Ireland Universities Air Squadron operates the Grob Tutor T1 and the civilian Police Service of Northern Ireland Air Support Unit operates the Eurocopter EC135T2 & EC145 helicopters.

JHC FS Aldergrove/Belfast Airport Satellite View

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Scanner Frequencies

Aldergrove Scanner Frequencies:
Approach - 128.500, 278.350
Radar - 120.900
Tower - 118.300
Ground - 121.750
ATIS - 128.200

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Aircraft & Squadrons
JHC FS Aldergrove is currently a Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station which shares the runways of Belfast International Airport.

It is home to 5 Regiment Army Air Corps with 665 Squadron JHC/AAC which operates a fleet of Gazelle rotary aircraft. There is also a Reconnaissance, Intelligence and Geographic (Northern Ireland) Centre.

651 Squadron AAC/RAF (No.1 Group of the Royal Air Force) operated the Britten-Norman Defender AL2/3 & Islander AL1 fixed wing aircraft (now retired), and No. 502 (Ulster) Squadron (Royal Auxiliary Air Force) which provides a range of fully trained personnel to support worldwide commitments. There is also the Northern Ireland Universities Air Squadron operating the Grob Tutor T1.

The Royal Logistics Corps provides: 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Search Regiment, and 321 Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Search Squadron.

The civilian Police Service of Northern Ireland Air Support Unit is based at Aldergrove and operates the Eurocopter EC135T2 & EC145.

665 Squadron AAC/JHC - Gazelle AH.1.
651 Squadron AAC/RAF personnel - Britten-Norman Defender.
Northern Ireland Universities Air Squadron - Tutor T1.

Britten-Norman Defender aircraft were retired in July 2021.

RAF Aldergrove first opened in 1918 but did not become an operational RAF station until 1925.

During WW2 because of its location it became an important station of RAF Coastal Command in the Battle of the Atlantic. Long-range reconnaissance aircraft were based here to patrol the Eastern Atlantic for U-boats.

After the War, Aldergrove was designated as a dispersal airfield for the RAF's V bomber force in the 1950s. In 1968 23 Maintenance Unit RAF was responsible for the maintenance of McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II's in RAF service, and Aldergrove was also the main servicing and reconditioning station for the English Electric Canberra from their introduction in 1951.

Later, the Army Air Corps were based here with Westland Lynx and Westland Gazelle helicopters as well as de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft in its joint operations with the RAF's Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (Northern Ireland); the Beaver was replaced by the Britten-Norman Islander late in 1988.

Aldergrove officially ceased to be an RAF Station on 20 September 2009 and is now home to the Joint Helicopter Force Northern Ireland, which provides Gazelle and Islander aircraft in support of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).


Gazelle AH.1.Gazelle AH.1.

Gazelle AH.1.Gazelle AH.1.

Britten-Norman Defender.Britten-Norman Defender.

Grob Tutor T1.Grob Tutor T1.

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