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Yeovilton Air Day
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RNAS Yeovilton Air Day.

RNAS Yeovilton History
Yeovilton was commisioned in 1939 as HMS Heron. During the Second World War it was used as a fighter training school for the FAA (Fleet Air Arm), and as an occasional shore base for disembarked frontline squadrons. Aircraft seen here during World War 2 include the Master, Roc, Sea Gladiator, Sea Hurricane, Spitfire, Fulmar, Martlet, and Firefly.

After the War, Yeovilton expanded considerably when it became shore base for the fleet's all-weather fighters with the Sea Vixen and later the Phantom. In 1972, Yeovilton's involvement with fixed-winged aviation came to a temporary close with the only resident aircraft based here being a number of Commando helicopter squadrons. However in 1979 the first STOVL (Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing) Sea Harrier FRS1 aircraft arrived at Yeovilton together with Sea King Commando helicopters.

The Sea Harrier FRS.1 was replaced by the much improved Sea Harrier FA2 in 1993 which was eventually withdrawn from service in 2006. The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force then shared the Harrier GR9, which was based at RAF Cottesmore, until all Harrier operations ceased in 2010 after the Strategic Defence and Security Review. The Harrier is to be replaced by the F-35B 'Lightning II' Joint Strike Fighter which will operate from the new Queen Elizabeth class carriers from 2018. The RAF and Fleet Air Arm will share these aircraft which will be based at RAF Marham or deployed on the carriers and operated by Fleet Air Arm & RAF pilots.

Today, RNAS Yeovilton is home to the Lynx HMA.8 (Operational on Frigates and Destroyers), Wildcat HMA.2 , Merlin HC.3 (Royal Marines Commando Support) and the Wildcat AH.1. (Royal Marines Commando Support). In October 2015, the Army's Wildcat AH.1 was merged with Yeovilton's Wildcats so that the 62 UK military Wildcats on order will all operate from RNAS Yeovilton. It is also home to 'A' Flight with the Hawk T.1, 727 Naval Air Squadron with the Tutor T.1, and the Royal Navy Historic Flight.

The Royal Navy Historic Flight (RNHF) was established at RNAS Yeovilton in 1972 and became the home for a number of aircraft that had been donated to the Royal Navy over more than a decade. The RNHF consists of the Fairey Swordfish, Hawker Sea Fury, Sea Hawk, and Chipmunk T.10. More information on the RNHF can be found here.

RNAS Yeovilton 2016 Air Day
RNAS Yeovilton Air Day.

RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset is home to the Fleet Air Arm's helicopters that deploy aboard the Royal Navy's ships.

There is also a Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton which has a collection of about 60 different historic aircraft as well as the Royal Navy Historic flight.

Yeovilton hosts a popular Air Day in July which attracts about 35,000 visitors, and includes significant UK/Foreign military participation and support from the world's leading aerospace companies.

The flying display includes over five hours of spectacular flying displays with fast jets, historic warbirds, helicopters, formation display teams, aerobatics and culminates with the world renowned Commando Assault Finale featuring troops, aircraft and pyrotechnics galore!

RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2016:

02 July - RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2016

RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2016:

02 July - RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2016

The Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton International Air Day will take 'Naval Aviation - Past, Present & Future' as its over-arching theme.

There will be a number of Fleet Air Arm milestones during the year and Air Day's acknowledgement of these will include:

Bismarck 75 - The Swordfish, regarded as an obsolescent aircraft during WW2, participated in the pursuit and sinking of the German battleship Bismarck 75 years ago.

Lynx Farewell - The venerable Lynx maritime helicopters which will be out of service in March 2017 will be making their last appearance, and a fitting one, in front of their home crowd at Air Day.

Tomorrow's Fleet Air Arm - Air Day will provide an insight into what the future holds for the Fleet Air Arm. The next five years are indeed exciting times as the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth prepares to enter service. This will mark the return of the Royal Navy's carrier strike capabilities as well as providing another helicopter assault ship platform.

Participating aircraft:
(F)=Flying Display, (S)=Static Display

Royal Navy:
RN Black Cats - Wildcat HMA2 x 2 (F)
Swordfish I - RNHF (F)
Lynx HMA8 x2 (F)
Wildcat HM2 x2 - Maritime Lynx Demo (F)
Merlin iHC3/3A x 6 - Commando Assault Demo(F)
Hawk T1 (F) - Commando Assault Demo
Raiders parachute team (F)
Wildcat HM2 x2 (S)
Merlin iHC3/3A x TBC (S)
Swordfish LS326 - RNHF (S)
Sea Fury FB11 - RNHF (S)
Lynx HMA8 x2 (S)
Sea King ASaC7 (S)
Merlin HM2 (S)
Avenger T1 (S)
Hawk T1 (S)
Squirrel HT1 (S)
Sea Harrier FA2 x2 (S)
F-4K Phantom FG1 (S)

Royal Air Force:
Red Arrows (F)
BBMF Spitfire & Hurricane (F)
RAF Typhoon FGR4 (F)
RAF Typhoon FGR4 (S)
RAF Tucano T1 (S)
King Air T1 (S)

British Army:
AAC Wildcat AH1 x2 (Commando Assault Final) (F)
AAC AH-64D Apache - Attack Helicopter Display Team (F)
AAC AH-64D Apache - Commando Assault Demo (F)
AAC Wildcat AH1 (S)

Foreign Military:
Rafale M x2 - French Navy (F)
Team Orlik - Polish Air Force (F)
CASA C-295M - Polish Air Force (S)
Tornado IDS - German Air Force (S)
C-160D Transall - German Air Force (S)
Belgian F-16AM/BM Fighting Falcon (S)
Falcon 10MER - French Navy (S)
C-17A Globemaster III - USAF (S)
Belgian Falcon 20E (S)
NH90-NFH - Royal Netherlands Navy (S)
Polish Navy An-28B1R Bryza (S)
E-3A Sentry - NATO (S)
F-16 x2 - Royal Netherlands Air Force (S)

Classic Military & Cold War Era:
Sea Vixen (F)
Gazelle HT2 - Gazelle Squadron (F)
Gazelle AH1 - Gazelle Squadron (F)
Westland Wasp (F)
MiG-15UTI - Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron (F)
OV-10B Bronco - Bronco Demo Team (F)
Gazelle HT3 x2 - Gazelle Squadron (S)
Sea King HC4 - FAA (S)
Sea King HAS5 - FAA (S)

Seafire LFIIIc - Air Leasing (F)
FG-1D Corsair (F)
B-17 Sally B (F)
AT-6D Texan - Kennet Aviation(F)
Bu 131 Jungmann (F)
Avro Nineteen (S)
Auster AOP9 (S)

Civilian & Industry:
Pitts S-2S - Richard Goodwin (F/S)
EA300L x 4 - Royal Jordanian Falcons (F)
SC7 Skyvan - Bronco Team/Raiders support (F)
Pitts S-2B – Richard Goodwin (S)
Yak-52 - G-YAKX (S)
Yak-52 - G-IUII (S)
Scorpion - Textron AirLand (S)
A109E Power - QinetiQ (S)

The Corsair and Seafire will perform a formation flypast.

Local hotels for the RNAS Yeovilton Air Day
Local hotels for the RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

Ticket Prices:
Please check with official RNAS Yeovilton Air Day website for ticket prices and booking.


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