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Biggin Hill Airshow 2018

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Satnav Postcode: TN16 3BN

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Biggin Hill Airshow.

Biggin Hill History
Biggin Hill was established in 1917 as a wireless testing park and the Air to Air and Air to Ground telephony systems were developed at this site. Bristol fighters of 141 squadron R.F.C were also based here as part of the inner patrol zone of the London Air Defence Area. The Bristol Fighters sported a bright red cockerel painted on the fuselage.

After the First World War, Biggin Hill was home to the Instrument Design Establishment but it was moved to Farnborough in 1922. Snipes of 56 squadron were stationed here along with a night flying flight. At the end of 1927, 56 Squadron which now operated Siskins were transferred to North Weald and a couple of years later the night flying flight also departed. The Station was then reconstructed in 1929 and was ready for occupation by 1932. Two Squadrons moved in with Demons and Bulldogs, and an Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight was formed. In 1937, Biggin Hill was host to two Squadrons both equipped with Gauntlets and later the Station was home to the Hawker Hurricane.

During the Second World War, 79 Squadron based at Biggin Hill claimed the first enemy aircraft when it shot down a Dornier Do17 on November 2nd 1939. Hurricanes from Biggin flew constant patrols over the beaches during the evacuation of Dunkirk. During the Battle of Britain the Station was home to several Spitfire Squadrons. Biggin Hill aerodrome was attacked repeatedly and received heavy damage by the Luftwaffe but still remained operational throughout the battle. In 1944 when the first V1 flying bombs started to fall in southern England, Biggin Hill Station had to close because of its proximity to London brought it within the defensive balloon barrage belt and Station was taken over by the balloon crews. Later, Biggin resumed the offensive fighter role by escorting Lancasters and Halifaxes in daylight attacks on Germany.

After the War, Biggin Hill was transferred to No.46 Group, Transport Command and in 1946 it was handed to Reserve Command until 1949 when it returned to Fighter Command. In 1950 Biggin Hill was home to Meteors and later Hunters. In 1957 as Fighter Command was being scaled down and Biggin Hill airspace was becoming crowded with airliners flying from London Airport, its Squadrons were disbanded. The Station was now relegated to a non-operational status. The RAF still retained the North Camp to house the Officers and Aircrew Selection Center and one of the hangars housed a fine collection of World War Two aircraft. A Battle of Britain Open Day was held annually in September bringing a temporary return of RAF aircraft and thousands of spectators. In 1992, the RAF finally left Biggin Hill and the Selection Centre moved to RAF Cranwell.
Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018:

Gates Open: 8.30am each morning.
Flying Display: Approx 12.30pm.
Flying Display Ends: 5.30pm.

There will also be plenty of ground entertainment including the RAF100 exhibition tent, a fun fair catering for all the family and many trade and exhibitor stands.

Biggin Hill 2018 Airshow
Biggin Hill Airshow.

Biggin Hill in Kent is a very famous fighter station and on November 2nd, 1939, one of its resident Squadrons claimed the first enemy aircraft of the war when it shot down a Dornier Do 17. Biggin Hill played a major role in the Battle of Britain during World War Two.

The very popular Biggin Hill International Air Fair saw its last air show in 2010, after Biggin Hill Airport Ltd gave notice to Air Displays International Ltd to terminate the licence under which the Biggin Hill International Air Fair is run. However, an Open House Air Day at Biggin Hill Airport replaced this event in 2011 and it now hosts a smaller event called 'Festival of Flight'. It also held an event called 'Biggin 75' in 2015 which celebrated the 75th anniversary of the 'Battle of Britain'.

Biggin Hill 2018 Airshow:

18-19 August - Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018

Win tickets to the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018.

Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018:

18-19 August - Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018

Participating aircraft:
(F)=Flying Display, (S)=Static Display

Red Arrows (Sat-Sun) (F)
RAF Typhoon flypasts (Sat-Sun) (F)
RAF Chinook (Sat) (F)
RAF Tucano (S)
BBMF Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster (Sat-Sun) (F)
Bristol Blenheim (F)
OV-10B Bronco (F)
B-17 Sally B (F)
Great War Display Team (F)
Muscle Pitts Special - Rich Goodwin (F)
Turbulent Display Team (F)
Aerosuperbatics WingWalkers (F)
Hawker Fury FB.11 (F)
Little and Large Extra Duo (F)
Bu131 Jungmann (Duo with Tiger Moth) (F)
Spitfire MKIX TA805 - BHHH (F)
Spitfire TR9 MJ627 - BHHH (F)
Spitfire T8 MT818 - BHHH (F)
Spitfire MkXVI RW382 - BHHH (F)
Spitfire MKXVI TB885 - BHHH (F)
Spitfire TR9 ML407 - Air Leasing (F)
Spitfire MkIX MH434 - OFMC (F)
Spitfire MKXI PL965 - Hangar 11 Collection (F)
Hurricane AE977 - BHHH (F)
Hurricane P2902 - Air leasing (F)
Buchon BF-109 "Yellow 7" - Air Leasing (F)
Harvard - TBC (F)
Bucker Jungmann - Michael Pickin (F)
Tiger Moth - Richard Pickin (F)

Biggin Hill Festival of Flight Flying Schedule:

Saturday 18th August
12pm - 3pm
The Flying Circus Wingwalkers
Red Arrows
Pitts Special
B-17 Flying Fortress
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane
RAF Chinook
OV-10 Bronco

3pm - 5pm
Extra 300 Duo
Turbulent Team
De Havilland Tiger Moth & Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann
Bristol Blenheim & Hurricane
Battle of Britain Set Piece
Hawker Sea Fury FB11

5pm - 5:30pm
The Great War Display Team
The Spitfire Salute

Sunday 19th August
12pm - 3pm
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane
Pitts Special
The Flying Circus Wingwalkers
OV-10 Bronco
Hawker Sea Fury FB11
Great War Display Team
Extra 300 Duo
Turbulent Team

3pm - 5.30pm
De Havilland Tiger Moth & Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann
Bristol Blenheim & Hurricane
Battle of Britain Set Piece
Red Arrows
B-17 Flying Fortress
The Spitfire Salute

The RAF Typhoon will perform flypasts on Sunday only.

Hotel Accommodation:
Local hotels for the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight

Battle of Britain: The Hardest Day, 18th August
On Sunday 18th August 1940 the Luftwaffe launched three major assaults against targets in Southern England, it was the hardest fought day of the Battle of Britain. Both sides suffered heavy losses as the air battles that took place on this day were amongst the largest aerial engagements in history.

To mark the RAF's centenary this year, the two-day Festival of Flight (18-19th August 2018) will see 12 Spitfires scrambled, re-enacting the Hardest Day. Biggin Hill's Heritage Hangar, with the world's largest gathering of flyable Spitfires, will provide the focal point of the salute.

Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018 Tickets:
Please check with official Biggin Hill Festival of Flight website for ticket prices and booking.

Travel by car:
Biggin Hill Airport is situated on the A233 (Main Road). Please follow local signs for entry into the showground.

If you are using the M25:
From the West, leave the motorway at Junction 6
From the East leave at Junction 4.

For satnav users the address is: Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3BN.


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Red Arrows - Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018.

Spitfire Mk.IX - Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018.

Bristol Blenheim - Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018.

OV-10 Bronco - Biggin Hill Festival of Flight 2018.

Red Arrows Display Schedule:

Saturday 18th August - 1.30pm display
Sunday 19th August - 4pm display

BBMF Display Schedule:

Saturday 18th August - 2.25pm display LHS
Sunday 19th August - 12.40pm display LHS

L=Lancaster, S=Spitfire & H=Hurricane