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Red Arrows Schedule for 2020

Red Arrows Display Schedule 2020

Red Arrows Schedule 2020.

Below are the 2020 display dates, venues & timings for the Red Arrows:
1. 08 May 2020 - (VE Day) Flypast over Westminster.
2. 18 June 2020 - Red Arrows & Patrouille de France - London.
3. 27 June 2020 - Armed Forces Day (Scarborough Flypast).
4. 08 July 2020 - Red Arrows complete Public Display Authority (PDA).
5. 15 August 2020 - Shuttleworth Magnificent Musical Flying Display Drive-in (Flypast).


08 May 2020 (VE Day) Flypast over Westminster - 10.10am

VE Day Flypast (8.5.20) Page.

1. 531828N 0003303W SCAMPTON AD 0837
2. 531347N 0002443W E OF LINCOLN 0839
3. 531150N 0002008E INGOLDMELLS 0843
4. 531623N 0003325E OVERSEA 0845
5. 530615N 0004501E OVERSEA 0847
6. 530054N 0003156E OVERSEA 0849
7. 524521N 0004940E E OF TITTLESHALL 0852
8. 522553N 0005826E E OF THETFORD 0855
9. 521214N 0011510E W OF BRANDESTON 0858
10. 513427N 0002657E VCY OF BASILDON 0906
11. 513132N 0000310E EAST HAM 0909
12. 513015N 0000738W WESTMINSTER 0910
13. 512620N 0003353W EGHAM 0913
14. 512531N 0003911W E OF BRACKNELL 0913
15. 515734N 0005129W NE OF WINSLOW 0918
16. 521521N 0005726W VCY OF NORTHAMPTON 0922
17. 530825N 0004608W COLLINGHAM 0930
18. 531828N 0003303W SCAMPTON AD 0933


18 June 2020 - Red Arrows & La Patrouille de France flypast over London

Red Arrows & Patrouille de France Flypast (18.6.20) Page.

The Red Arrows and their French counterparts, La Patrouille de France, will fly over Paris in the morning and London in the afternoon on Thursday 18th June 2020 to mark 80 years since Charles De Gaulle's historic speech to Occupied France. President Macron's visit to London marks an important anniversary for our closest European ally.

1641 - departure from RAF Brize Norton
1656 - Flypast Bagshot
1658 - Flypast Richmond Park
1700 - Flypast Buckingham Palace
1702 - Formation Separation NE Brentwood/ Stapleford area after which the Red Arrows will return to RAF Scampton and the Patrouille de France back to Salon-de-Provence Air.

NOTAMS (Red Arrows & Patrouille de France) - Thursday 18th June 2020 4.40pm to 5.27pm BST)
1. 514500N 0013459W BRIZE NORTON AD - 4.40pm
2. 513823N 0013146W SE OF FARINGDON - 4.42pm
3. 513322N 0012921W SW OF WANTAGE - 4.43pm
4. 512847N 0015213W S OF WOOTON BASSETT - 4.45pm
5. 512020N 0014856W W OF PEWSEY - 4.47pm
6. 512440N 0012246W NW OF NEWBURY - 4.50pm
7. 511645N 0011743W SW OF KINGSCLERE - 4.51pm
8. 512302N 0005529W W OF ARBORFIELD GARRISON - 4.54pm
9. 512309N 0002725W VCY OF WEYBRIDGE - 4.57pm
10. 512648N 0001722W RICHMOND PARK - 4.58pm
11. 513017N 0000742W FP HORSE GUARDS PARADE - 5.00pm
12. 515112N 0005052E SW OF COLCHESTER - 5.07pm
13. 521115N 0011253E FRAMSDEN - 5.11pm
14. 522609N 0005828E E OF EAST HARLING - 5.13pm
15. 524601N 0004751E W OF WHISSONSETT - 5.17pm
16. 530920N 0002143E E OF SKEGNESS - 5.22pm
17. 531828N 0003303W SCAMPTON AD - 5.27pm

Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements.

Sat 27 June 2020 - Armed Forces Day (Times in BST)

The Red Arrows will fly over the Army's Catterick Garrison, RAF Leeming and the town of Scarborough.

1. 531828N 0003303W SCAMPTON AD - 9.30am
2. 531353N 0002427W SE OF FISKERTON - 9.32am
3. 531353N 0000851W NE OF HORNCASTLE - 9.33am
4. 540032N 0000022E OVERSEA - 9.41am
5. 541330N 0001757E OVERSEA - 9.44am
6. 542707N 0000800W OVERSEA - 9.48am
7. 542152N 0001655W OVERSEA - 9.49am
8. 541734N 0002322W FP CASTLE CLIFF - 9.50am
9. 541334N 0002325W S OF CAYTON - 9.50am
10. 541706N 0002332W FP SCARBOROUGH - 9.51am
11. 542744N 0003020W SE OF WHITBY - 9.55am
12. 544736N 0010734W OVERSEA - 9.59am
13. 542943N 0014609W SW OF CALDWELL - 10.04am
14. 542741N 0014550W SE OF RAVENSWORTH - 10.05am
15. 542159N 0014249W FP CATTERICK - 10.06am
16. 542158N 0014808W W OF CATTERICK GARRISON - 10.06am
17. 542246N 0014441W FP CATTERICK - 10.07am
18. 542146N 0013714W S OF CATTERICK - 10.10am
19. 541721N 0013114W FP LEEMING - 10.11am
20. 541421N 0013453W NE OF WELL - 10.12am
21. 542211N 0011938W ELLERBECK - 10.14am
22. 540223N 0004112W NW OF FRIDAYTHORPE - 10.19am
23. 540337N 0002204W S OF KILHAM - 10.20am
24. 534417N 0000819W BURSTWICK - 10.24am
25. 533639N 0001613W HABROUGH - 10.26am
26. 533140N 0002144W FP GRASBY - 10.27am
27. 531828N 0003303W SCAMPTON AD - 10.30am

Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements.


Wed 08 July 2020 - Red Arrows complete Public Display Authority (PDA)


Sat 15 August 2020 - Shuttleworth Magnificent Musical Flying Display Drive-in (Flypast)

To be announced...

To be announced...

The Red Arrows schedule is usually announced at the end of March each year.
Press Releases:

Red Arrows
Display approval for Red Arrows (8th July 2020)...

Red Arrows
Red Arrows will relocate to RAF Waddington...

Red Arrows
Training update for the Red Arrows (24.3.20)...

Activities will typically include either a flypast, display or ground engagement-only - or a combination of these elements. Venues and places are subject to change. More details for each location will be released ahead of each stop and date.

Note that last year (2019) the Red Arrows were on tour in North America during August & September 2019. You can see more information about this by clicking here.
Red Arrows Schedule 2020.
The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows fly nine BAE SYSTEMS Hawk T.1 advanced trainer aircraft and are currently based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

Red Arrows Training:
The Red Arrows begin training for the forthcoming season almost as soon as the previous year has ended.

Typically, winter training starts in October, with small groups of three or four aircraft formations. Each pilot flies three sorties a day, five days a week, and the formations grow in aircraft number as training progresses. These flights involve a thorough brief, debrief and discussion to ensure safety is paramount and the formations are precise. One complete cycle consisting of these elements lasts about two hours, usually with a 30-minute flight.

Winter training lasts until mid-March, when the team usually moves overseas to a location with more predictable, settled weather to maximise flying hours and perfect the display. This is known as Exercise Springhawk. During Springhawk the team is assessed by senior Royal Air Force officers, with the aim of gaining Public Display Authority. If this is awarded, the Squadron's pilots change from green coveralls into their famous red flying suits and the ground crew are allowed to wear their royal blue display coveralls.

The season then officially begins and public performances by the Red Arrows are permitted.

Types of Display:
There are three types of display the Team Leader can elect to fly - full, rolling or flat. To carry out a full, looping, display the base of the cloud must be above 5,500ft to avoid the aircraft entering the cloud at the top of the loop. If the cloud base is less than 5,500ft, but more than 2,500ft, the team will perform the rolling display - substituting wing-overs and rolls for the loops. And when the cloud base is below 2,500ft, the Team will fly the flat display, consisting of a series of flypasts and steep turns.

Red Arrows Team Pilots for the 2020 season:
Red 1 - Sqn Ldr Martin Pert (Team Leader)
Red 2 - Fl Lt Will Cambridge
Red 3 - Fl Lt Nick Critchell
Red 4 - Fl Lt James Turner
Red 5 - Fl Lt David Simmonds
Red 6 - Fl Lt Jon Bond (Synchro Leader)
Red 7 - Sqn Ldr Gregor Ogston (Synchro 2)
Red 8 - Fl Lt Damo Green
Red 9 - Sqn Ldr Steve Morris (Executive Officer)
Red 10 - Sqn Ldr Adam Collins (Supervisor)
Officer Commanding - Wing Commander David Montenegro

The new Red Arrows pilots joining for the 2020 season are Flight Lieutenants Will Cambridge, Nick Critchell and James Turner.

There is actually a 10th Red Arrow which is flown by the Team Manager who provides commentary during the display.

Scanner Frequencies:
243.450, 242.200

Red Arrows Relocation
RAF Scampton will be closed by 2022 and the Red Arrows reloacted to another RAF base.

In May 2020 it was announced that the Red Arrows would be based at RAF Waddington and relocation will take place before RAF Scampton closes in late 2022. The airspace over RAF Scampton will be retained for the team's training and display practice.

Red Arrows will relocate to RAF Waddington