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Manchester Near-miss


Manchester Near-miss

During February 1996 a British Airways Boeing 737 was flying from Milan to Manchester carrying sixty passengers. As it descended through 4000ft on its approach to Manchester airport it was overtaken by an object which was travelling at high speed and came very close to the airliner.

The Captain, Roger Wills, said that the UFO was emblazoned with small white lights and possibly had a black stripe down one side. He said it flashed silently down the side of the airliner so close that his co-pilot, First officer Mark Stuart, involuntarily ducked as it went by.

The pilots were so concerned about the near-miss that they filed formal air-miss reports. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) launched an investigation and after a year they concluded that they could find no likely explanation. Incidentally there had been three similar reported sightings since 1987 which had also baffled the CAA.

The Captain and First officer were certain that the object was solid and that it wasn't a balloon, model aircraft, or Military Stealth aircraft.The pilots said that there was no apparent sound or wake from the object. A witness on the ground, Mark Lloyd, said he had also seen the craft and he described it as follows:
'It was triangular shaped but it had depth to it, it was not just a flat object. This was triangular shaped and rounded off at the rear.'

One theory put forward was that it may have been a foolhardy individual in a microlight, which would match the shape of the object. Although talks with microlight experts thought it improbable saying the darkness, strong wind, and terrain would have rendered such a flight almost suicidal.

UFO buzzes plane in Manchester.

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