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Cosford Ghost


Cosford Ghost - Haunted Lincoln Bomber at RAF Cosford museum

Standing in the hanger of RAF Cosford is the only true Lincoln RF398 long range heavy bomber built in 1945. she is the last of the piston- engined bombers used by the RAF and frequently visited by the ghost of a young man.

Many staff have experienced strange goings on near and in the aircraft. The first incident occurred when, in 1980, someone was locking the hanger for the night. Looking back he saw someone move in the old aircraft and so switched back on the lights. Having searched all the corners of the aircraft he turned to switch off the lights when a "cloudy thing" appeared. Later that week a mechanic was working alone on the Lincoln. He felt around in the dark for a spanner which had just fallen, when it was thrust into his hand.

Many people have taken a great interest in the ghost; spiritualists claim the phantom sings to them, others that he is a wartime airman taking up residence in the peacetime aircraft. Could it be the ghost of Master Pilot Hiller who loved the aircraft saying on his last flight that he would "haunt his baby". Hiller was killed near Cosford in an air crash.

More recently the secretary to the museum society was busy preparing a notice board about the Lincoln when she heard her name being called. Thinking it was one of the museum staff calling her for a cup of tea she look toward the Lincoln, then toward the door but saw no one. To this day she will not enter the hangar alone.

He may have a wicked sense of humour but he also has a good side. Once an electrician was working fifteen feet above the ground when he suddenly fell. He remembers thinking "this is it" because he had already injured his spine in a similar fall from another aeroplane. But instead of hitting the concrete floor with expected force he floated to a stop "as if", he said, "some invisible force had prevented his fall from being fatal". Very few have seen the ghost, and those who have say he is seen in the gun-turret at the rear, or in the navigators seat in the cockpit. Who ever he is he provides well for the people who work on his beloved aircraft for whenever anything is needed, including old parts for the engine they always appear, often close to the person who needs it.

Repairing aircraft and automobiles can be rewarding but dangerous jobs, especially when there isn't a ghost available to break your fall! A successful mechanic may think of himself as a Parts Geek who loves to take things apart and rebuild them. Whether they are working with aircraft parts or Parts Geek auto parts, dedicated mechanics take pride in their work and the aircraft and vehicles they service.

Excerpts taken from the book
"Haunted Shropshire"
By Ascott-Davis
Available from all good book stores
I.S.B.N. 1 870738 02 0

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