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Rendlesham UFO


Rendlesham UFO

The Rendlesham mystery is the most significant UFO sighting in the UK. It has been featured on 'CNN' and 'Unsolved Mysteries' in the US and 'Strange but True' and 'Network First' in the UK.

The event happened in Rendlesham forest which lies next to RAF Woodbridge, and RAF Bentwaters. These were both American bases which played an important role in NATO's front line defences. These bases were said to hold the largest stockpile of tactical nuclear weapons in Western Europe.The strange events happened over two separate nights, firstly on Christmas night 1980, then 2 nights later.

On the first night, three patrol men were sent to investigate a possible air crash nearby. The patrol men saw a strange glowing object which was metallic and triangular in shape in the forest. The object appeared to be 2-3mtrs across the base and 2 mtrs high and it was either hovering or on legs. As the patrol men approached it manoeuvred through the trees and disappeared.

On the second night new sightings were reported, so Lt. Col. Halt assembled a small group to investigate. They took with them a geiger counter and a micro-cassette recorder. The recording of the tape has subsequently been called the 'Halt Tape'.( A transcript of the 'Halt Tape' can be read here).They witnessed a red sun-like light through the trees. It moved about and pulsed. They also saw aerial objects that were directing beams of light to the ground. There were also found to be indentations in the ground where the object may have landed and scorch marks to the trees.

People have tried to find a rational explanation to this mystery. One theory is that the glowing light was in fact a lighthouse that lies on the Suffolk coast at Orford Ness. The indentations in the ground could have been rabbit diggings and the scorch marks in the trees could be axe marks made by foresters as a sign that the trees were ready to be felled. Other smaller lights in the sky could have been bright stars. Also the first sighting coincided with the burn-up in the atmosphere of a bright meteor.

A Transcript of the 'Halt Tape'

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