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The Unexplained




UK Mysteries:

Cosford Ghost - Haunted Lincoln Bomber at RAF Cosford museum
Rendlesham UFO - The most significant UFO sighting in the UK
Aurora - Does the Aurora Hypersonic spyplane exist?
Boscombe Down - Something strange occured at Boscombe Down in 1994
Sheffield Incident - The aircrash that never happened
Manchester Near-miss - British Airways Boeing 737 has near-miss with UFO
Scottish Explosions - Explosions and flashes of light over the island of Lewis
Flight 712 - Aer Lingus Viscount airliner mysteriously crashes into Irish sea
Lightning XS894 - Captain Schaffner intercepts UFO in Lightning XS894
Brooklands Ghost - The ghost of Percy Lambert at Brooklands
Glenn Miller Story - The disappearance of Glenn Miller

International Mysteries:

Frederick Valentich UFO Incident - The mysterious disappearance of a Cessna in Australia
Flight 19 - Bermuda Triangle - The loss of Flight 19 on a training mission in the Bermuda Triangle

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