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YouTube Vulcan XH558 Video-Clips


Airshow Photographs

Vulcan XH558 post-restoration flight (Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire - 18/10/07) Video-Clip (

Vulcan XH558 post-restoration flight Video-Clip

Vulcan XH558 arriving at RAF Cottesmore (14/4/08) Video-Clip

Vulcan XH558 Test-Flight at RAF Cottesmore (16/4/08) Video-Clip

From the TVOC website:-

Message from Robert Pleming, Chief Executive VTST, 18th April 2008

The middle of April saw the safe completion of two further test flights, and the Compass Swing at RAF Cottesmore. Some snags were encountered, but that is the point of test flying - to discover problems!

Some of these snags were put right in between the two test flights, but the curtailment of the second flight because the starboard landing gear bay door would not close means that there will be at least one more test flight.

We expect that this further flight will happen before the end of April, and therefore don't expect there to be any major impact on our plans to appear at airshows early in the summer.

The media coverage of the test flights, especially on the BBC, has been huge, and significant confirmation of the continuing interest by the public at large in the Vulcan.

Following the completion of the test flights, there will be an interlude of about a month, during which Marshall Aerospace and the CAA will be completing the final reviews and paperwork leading to the grant of the Permit to Fly.

We will then be able to fly again, this time to practice how we will bring XH558 to airshows. The final step is to fly our airshow sequence in front of a CAA Display Examiner, who, if satisfied with its safety, will issue a Display Authorisation.

We remain reliant on our supporters for the fund-raising momentum that will take us to the airshow season. We must keep it up - and I am pleased to let you know that because of the test flights, so far the momentum has not dropped. We need to find at least £50,000 cash every month until we have returned to the airshow circuit .

You can play your part - if you haven't already done so - by £ or joining the Club now or by joining the "558 Flying Fund" perpetual draw now, and by asking your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to do the same.

As a reminder, XH558's hangar at Bruntingthorpe is open every Sunday10.00am - 4.00pm for drop-in visitors, in return for a £5 donation per visitor - what better way to get up-close and personal with your favourite flying aircraft!

Our hopes and expectations are that once XH558 re-appears at airshows, the sight and sound of the Vulcan will create additional fund-raising and sponsorship momentum that will carry us through the airshow season and beyond - that is what we are all working for.

Of major note is the recent donation of £40,000 by the Vulcan to the Sky Club to the Trust, specifically to ensure that our quarterly aviation insurance premiums are up-to-date. On everyone's behalf, I would like to thank the Club and its members for their continuing and significant support.

Finally, I must say a very big thank-you firstly to all at RAF Cottesmore, who made the Vulcan to the Sky team most welcome during our three-day stay, and secondly to all our Volunteers, who turn out loyally to help us with ground operations every time we want to fly!

On behalf of everyone looking forward to seeing the Vulcan this year, many thanks for helping so many people's hopes turn to reality.

Robert Pleming
Chief Executive