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Waddington Airshow 1990 - John Bilcliffe


Airshow Photographs

Dutch NF-5A Phantom RF-4C Phantom RF-4C F-111 F-104 Starfighter
Dutch air force NF 5A Phantom RF 4C  from 26Sqn /38TRG Zweibrucken USAFE Phantom RF4C from USAFE Zweibrucken F 111 492 TFS from  Lakenheath Starfighter f 104 from 36 Sqn Gioia del Colle Italian air force
A-10 Thunderbolt Jaguar GR1 Lightning F6 Lightning F6 Hunter GA-11
Thunderbolt A 10 from 509 TFS USAFE Alconbury Jaguar Gr1 of 54 Sqn at coltishall Lightning F6 from BAe Warton lightning F 6 from BAe Warton FRADU Hunter GA 11.
Tornado F3 Canadian CF-18 F-15 Eagle Lockheed TR-1 Lockheed TR-1
Tornado F3 from 11 Sqn CF 18 from Canadian air force 409 Sqn at Baden Soellingen F15  from Soesterburg in Holland USAFE TR 1 plus pilot from Alconburys 95th Sqn TR 1 from 95 Sqn Alconbury USAFE
Jet Provost Mk5a Spitfire PR.XIX Spitfire Mk.II DH Devon
This JP Mk5a CFS Scampton was not officially listed on the day BBMF Spitfire, later sold to Rolls-Royce in 1996 BBMF Spitfire BBMF DH Devon

Thanks to John Bilcliffe for supplying all the photos in this Gallery.