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Chinook HC2 Display 2004

Chinook HC2 Profile

The Chinook HC2 is capable of carrying 10 tonnes of freight, up to 54 troops, and has three under-fuselage lifting points for carrying outsize loads.

The RAF operates the largest fleet of Chinook support helicopters after the US Army. The Chinook Wing, which forms the heavy-lift element of the Joint Helicopter Command, is based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire. Odiham supports three operational squadrons, No 7 Squadron, No 18 Squadron and No 27 Squadron, and the Operational Conversion Flight (OCF). Two aircraft are also flown by No 78 Squadron from Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands on support helicopter tasks.

Chinook HC2 - RAF Cosford 2004
Chinook HC2 -
RAF Cosford 2004

Chinooks are used primarily for trooping and for load carrying (both internal and underslung) and can carry up to 54 troops or 10 tonnes of freight. The cabin is large enough to accommodate two Land Rovers, while the three underslung load hooks allow a huge flexibility in the type and number of loads that can be carried. Secondary roles include Search and Rescue and Casualty Evacuation (a total of 24 stretchers can be carried). The crew consists of either two pilots, or a pilot and navigator, and two Air Loadmasters. The aircraft can be armed with two M-134 six-barrelled Miniguns and an M-60 machine gun.

The Chinook is a very capable and versatile support helicopter and has been involved in most of the recent UK Operations such as the Falklands Conflict, Northern Ireland, the Gulf War, peace keeping in The Balkans, evacuation of Sierra Leone and operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (Operation Telic). The aircrew and supporting groundcrew are trained to operate in a range of conditions from living under canvas in field sites to embarking upon aircraft carriers.

The aircraft can be armed with two M-134 six-barrelled Miniguns and an M-60 machine gun.

Chinook HC2 - Kemble Air Day 2004
Chinook HC2 taxi-run -
Kemble Air Day 2004

Chinook Squadrons

7 Squadron , RAF Odiham
18 Squadron , RAF Odiham
27 Squadron , RAF Odiham
78 Squadron, Falkland Islands

 Chinook HC2 Displaying at RAF Cosford 2004
Chinook HC2 Displaying at RAF Cosford 2004
2004 Chinook HC2 Display Crew

The latest addition to the RAF solo display teams this year (2004) is the Chinook HC Mk II of 18(B)Sqn, based at RAF Odiham. This is the first time in 12 years that a solo Chinook has been seen on the UK display circuit. The 2004 crew include:
Captain - Sqn Ldr Dave Morgan,
Co-pilot - Flt Lt Simon Cooney,
Crewman - Flt Sgt Justin Woolley.

Captain - Sqn Ldr Dave Morgan

Sqn Ldr Dave Morgan joined the RAF with a PPL in 1978 and graduated from the Chinook OCU in 1981. Following operational tours in the Falklands Conflict and Lebanon he attended CFS(H) in 1986. He instructed on the Chinook OCU and 18 Sqn until 1994, during which time he was the RAFG Chinook Display Pilot for 89/90. After a number of ground tours, Sqn Ldr Morgan returned to flying operations in 1999, serving in Bosnia and Op Telic, again as an instructor on 18 Sqn. He has flown a total of 4870 hrs, of which 4540 hrs are on the Chinook HC 1 and 2; he holds a CR and an A2 QHI category.

Chinook HC2 at Kemble Air Day 2004
Chinook HC2 Displaying at
Kemble Air Day 2004

Co-pilot - Flt Lt Simon Cooney

Flt Lt S Cooney joined the RAF in Aug 1990, undergoing IOT on 129 Cse graduating in Dec 90. He completed navigator training in Feb 93 and Graduated from 11 RW Cse AFT at RAF Shawbury in Sep 94. Having completed No2 Chinook HC2 course at RAF Odiham, Flt Lt Cooney was posted to 7 Sqn in Jun 95, then to 18 Sqn where he served from Jun 97 until Jun 01. He then underwent a fast jet cross-over serving with 100 Sqn and 25 Sqn before returning to 18 Sqn in Sep 03. His total hrs for are 2126, of which 457 are fixed wing and 1669 are rotary. Of his rotary hrs, he has flown 1472 hrs on the Chinook HC2 and currently holds a LCR cat.

Crewman - Flt Sgt Justin Woolley

Flight Sergeant Justin Woolley joined the RAF as an Air Loadmaster in Feb 92. After completing training at RAF's Swinderby, Finningley and Shawbury he was posted to 72 Squadron operating the Wessex helicopter. Following tours at Aldergrove in N Ireland and Benson he joined the Chinook force in April1997, where as well as tasking in the UK he has been detached as far afield as Bosnia, Canada and the Falkland Islands. He completed training to become an instructor in Feb 2001 and currently fly's for the Operational Conversion Flight on 18 Squadron at RAF Odiham and has now amassed a total of 3700 flying hrs, of which 1800 hrs are on the Chinook HC2.

Chinook HC2 at RAF Odiham
Chinook HC2 -
Photo by Sqn Ldr Dave Morgan

18 Squadron

1915 - Formed at Northolt.
1941 - Dropped a replacement artificial leg to the captured Douglas Bader during a bombing
mission .
1942 - Wing Commander HG Malcolm was posthumously awarded the VC.
1947 - Took part in the Berlin Airlift.
1955 - Took part in the Suez crisis.
1982 - Provided the sole Chinook in the Falklands campaign.

Thanks to Sqn Ldr Dave Morgan, Flt Lt Simon Cooney, and Flt Sgt Justin Woolley for information and photo and for giving a terrific display of the mighty Chinook HC2. More details on the Chinook HC2 can be found on the Royal Air Force website.
Technical Specifications of the Chinook HC2

Engines: Two Avco Lycoming turboshafts
Length: 51ft 0in (15.54m)
Rotor Diameter: 60ft 0in (18.29m)
Top Speed: 185mph (298 km/h)
Accommodation: Crew of two to four plus up to 54 troops or 28,000lb payload