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Google Map - King's Coronation Flypast 2023

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King Charles III Coronation will include a Flypast over Buckingham Palace on Saturday 6th May 2023 at 2.30pm

Aircraft taking part in the King's Coronation Flypast (6th May 2023):

The six-minute flypast will include the Red Arrows, 16 helicopters, the historic Spitfires of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the RAF's brand-new P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, Joint RAF and RN crewed state-of-the art F-35B Lightning II jets and transport aircraft from the RAF's Air Mobility Force. It will feature the first flypast involvement of the RAF's new Envoy IV CC1 aircraft.

Juno HT1 x3 (Spectre - ZM522, ZM524, ZM527)
Wildcat & Merlin x2 (Seacat - Royal Navy, ZZ380 & ZH850,ZH853)
Wildcat & Apache x2 (Nighthawk - British Army, ZZ512 & ZM722, ZM723)
Wildcat & Merlin x2 (Commando - CHF, ZZ524 & ZJ126, ZJ134)
Chinook x3 & Puma HC2 (Lifter - RAF, ZD984, ZH894, ZA683 & XW216)
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire x2 & Hurricane x2 (Memorial)
Phenom T1 & Texan T1 x4 (Camel - ZM334 & ZM330, ZM327)
A400M Atlas & C-130J Hercules x2 (Griffin - ZM409 & ZH865, ZH867)
C-17 Globemaster III (Blackcat - ZZ177)
Voyager & A400M Atlas (Tartan - ZZ337 & ZM408)
Poseidon MRA1 & RC-135W Rivet Joint (Guernsey - ZP806)
F-35B Lightning x6 (Doom)
Typhoon FGR4 x18 (Cobra, Warlord)
Envoy IV & Red Arrows x9

Weather recce helicopter - Juno HT1 helicopter (ZM507).

Due to the poor weather on Saturday 6th May, the only aircraft to take part in the flypast were the helicopters and the Red Arrows.

Google Map: King's Coronation Flypast 2023:
This is just an approximate zoomable map which shows the areas where the aircraft are expected to fly.

Areas, Times & Height Restrictions:
Area A. (between 1.15 & 3.00pm BST, not below 17,500ft).
Area B. (between 1.45 & 3.00pm BST, not below 5,500ft).
Area C. (between 2.00 & 3.00pm BST, not below 7,000ft).
Area D. (between 2.00 & 2.45pm BST).
Area E. (between 2.10 & 2.45pm BST, not below 2,500ft).
Area F. (between 2.20 & 3.00pm BST, not below 2,500ft).
Area G. (between 2.20 & 3.00pm BST).
Area H. (between 2.20 & 3.00pm BST, not below 10,500ft).
Area I. (between 2.20 & 3.00pm BST, not below 10,500ft).

Red Arrows Coronation Flypast Map - Saturday 6 May 2023

After the flypast of Buckingham Palace, the Red Arrows actually landed at RAF Brize Norton.