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IWM Duxford 2023 News & Press Releases

Imperial War Museums celebrates 50 years of Duxford Air Shows with a new bookazine and two new Photography Collection titles

This summer, IWM Duxford is celebrating 50 years of Duxford Air Shows with the release of a new bookazine, tracing the evolution of its Air Shows since the first one took place in 1973 and highlighting key moments from each decade. This bookazine recounts Duxford's best Air Show moments with anecdotes from past attendees, unseen vintage photographs and archive material. In addition, IWM is releasing two new titles in the IWM Photography Collection series, showcasing the most interesting and unique photographs from The Blitz and Bomber Command from IWM's extensive archive.

50 Years of Duxford Air Shows (Publication date June 2023)
Price: £15

Imperial War Museum. Since 1973, Duxford has been delighting audiences with its annual Air Shows and 2023 will see IWM Duxford mark 50 years of inspiring flying events. To celebrate, IWM will publish the bookazine, 50 Years of Duxford Air Shows, featuring never-before-seen photographs and archive materials alongside first-hand stories from the partners and individuals who returned popular flight to Duxford. This bookazine assembles the best moments with past partners, participants and attendees recounting their favourite Air Show memories. 50 Years of Duxford Air Shows offers an official history of these much-loved events and cements their reputation as one of the world's finest celebrations of aviation history and culture

IWM Photography Collection: Bomber Command (publication date May 2023)
Price: £12.99

Imperial War Museum. Bomber Command showcases 50 iconic photographs of the aircraft and crew that led Britain and its Allies to victory in one of the longest and most expensive Allied campaigns during the Second World War. This collection of photographs from IWM's collection focuses on the lives of Bomber Command crew, in the air and on the ground.

IWM Photography Collection: The Blitz (publication date May 2023)
Price: £12.99

Imperial War Museum. On the night of September 7, 1940, Britons saw the German air force unleash devastating bombing campaigns across the country. The Blitz tells the stories of those who lived through the bombings through a unique collection of images showing the early days of the raid to the re-building of cities in its aftermath. The haunting images featured in The Blitz highlight the true fears and the human cost of the bombing campaign for Britons during this devastating period of conflict.

All titles are available to purchase from the IWM online shop.


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