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USAF F-35A Lightning II Jets to arrive at RAF Lakenheath in 2021

USAF F-35A Lightning II

USAF F-35A Lightning II Jets to RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath is expected to station two F-35A Lightning II squadrons, totalling 48 jets, which will be added to the 48th Fighter Wing's existing two F-15E Strike Eagle Squadrons (492nd FS & 494th FS), in late 2021.

To accommodate the new aircraft an F-35 Campus is being constructed on the south side of the airfield. The facilities include new hangars, a flight simulation building, a maintenance unit and storage facilities.

The 495th Fighter Squadron (a former F-111 Squadron) are to be reactivated as the first F-35 unit at RAF Lakenheath.

The 48th Fighter Wing were looking for a nickname for the 495th Fighter Squadron and had narrowed it down to five finalists: 'Archangels', 'Sabres', 'Sentinels', 'Swordsmen' and 'Valkyries'. It was announced on 16th February 2021 that they would be called the 'Valkyries'. In Norse mythology, Valkyries are female figures who choose those that will live, or die, in battle. Additionally, the 495th Fighter Squadron motto: 'Mala Ipsa Nova' in Latin, means 'Bad News Itself'. Both factors emphasize 'Valkyries' as an extremely suitable nickname for the U.K. based unit. See press release.

The arrival of the F-35A will mark the first-ever permanent basing of U.S. fifth-generation aircraft in the European theater, enhancing the 48th Fighter Wing's combat lethality and contributions to the collective defense of the NATO alliance.
USAF F-35A Demo Team to RAF Lakenheath in December 2021

The USAF F-35A Lightning II Demo Team has been provisionally listed to display at RAF Lakenheath in December 2021 on the official website.

This may well be connected with the arrival of USAF F-35A aircraft to RAF Lakenheath which are expected toward the end of 2021.

More information will be added to this page later...

RAF Lakenheath

Current Aircraft at RAF Lakenheath:

RAF Lakenheath hosts the 48th Fighter Wing (48 FW), also known as the Liberty Wing, which includes two Squadrons of F-15E Strike Eagles and one Squadron of F-15C/D Eagle aircraft.

492nd Fighter Squadron - F-15E Strike Eagle.
493rd Fighter Squadron - F-15C/D Eagle.
494th Fighter Squadron - F-15E Strike Eagle.

The F-15E Strike Eagle is an all-weather multirole two-seat strike fighter and the F-15C Eagle is an all-weather single-seat tactical fighter designed for air supremacy in aerial combat. The F-15D Eagle is a two-seat training version.

RAF Hercules.
USAF F-15C Eagle.

RAF Hercules.
USAF F-15E Strike Eagle (John Bilcliffe).

RAF Hercules.
USAF F-35A Lightning II.

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