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AAC Apache Flypast News & Press Releases

AAC Apache AH1 Farewell Flypast on Monday 25th March 2024

AAC Apache Flypast

AAC Apache AH1 Farewell Flypast on Monday 25th March 2024

The Army Air Corps (AAC) are in the process of transitioning from their original AAC Apache AH1 to the new AAC Apache AH-64E helicopter.

The original AAC Apache AH1 was based on the Apache AH-64D but differed with Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engines, a new electronic defensive aids suite and a folding blade mechanism allowing the British version to operate from ships.

There are 50 Apache AH-64E on order with 38 helicopters now fielded and were remanufactured in the USA using parts from the older AAC Apache AH1.

The AH-64E flies faster, has a greater capability and range than the AH1 and features new drivetrain and rotor blades to boost flying performance, improved sights and sensors, communications systems to share data with other helicopters, and embedded maintenance diagnostic systems to increase aircraft availability.

656 Sqn AAC are the last squadron to operate the older Apache AH1 and will take part in an Apache AH1 Farewell Flypast on Monday 25th March 2024.

AAC Apache Flypasts - 25th March 2024:
01 • 0945 - London Heli Lanes
02 • 1005 - PJHQ Northwood
03 • 1040 - 3(UK) DIV HQ Bulford
04 • 1045 - Tidworth Garrison
05 • 1050 - JHC & Army HQ
06 • 1055 - AACEN Middle Wallop (Land)
07 • 1230 - Depart Middle Wallop
08 • 1305 - RNAS Yeovilton
09 • 1330 - RSEME Lyneham
10 • 1345 - MOD Abbey Wood
11 • 1440 - RAF Shawbury (land)
12 • 1545 - Depart RAF Shawbury
13 • 1610 - National Memorial Aboretum
14 • 1715 - Merville Barracks, Colchester
15 • 1730 - Wattisham (Land)
Timings and route may change due to weather or other requirements.
Due to a delay, timings will be approximately 45 minutes later than planned.

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Wattisham Airfield
Wattisham Airfield is a British Army airfield and barracks located north-west of Ipswich in Suffolk. It is home to the Army Air Corps Apache attack helicopter force.

Wattisham includes 3 Regiment, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps, who are a part of the Attack Helicopter Force (AHF) within the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), operating the AAC Apache AH1 & AH-64E.

3 Regiment AAC consists of 653 Squadron, 662 Squadron, and 663 Squadron, and 4 Regiment AAC consists of 656 Squadron, and 664 Squadron. 6 Regiment includes the Headquarters Squadron and 677 Squadron which provides ground support to the Apache Attack Helicopter.

AAC Apache AH1

AAC Apache AH1


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