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Newark Air Museum 2023 News & Press Releases

Cockpit-Fest 2023 at Newark Air Museum

Cockpit-Fest 2023 (June 2023)

Cockpit-Fest 2023 proved to be another great event at the Newark Air Museum site in eastern Nottinghamshire. Once again the Cockpit-Fest and Aeroboot display areas were located alongside each other on the Southfield Site, which works well by integrating both aspects of the weekend.

Cockpit-Fest 2023. The two-day event was well attended and drew a lot of positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors alike. Amongst the attendees were visitors from Hawaii, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and from across the UK. One young school girl chose to attend Cockpit-Fest with her father who was exhibiting at the event, rather than go to her Year 6 Prom! The museum trustees were particularly thankful to a host of people: all of the Cockpiteers and Exhibitors, their friends and families; the Aeroboot stall holders; the museum staff, aircraft openers and volunteers who helped during the build-up, during and after the event.

Support for this year's event came from the following people and organisations:

Ken Ellis ('Wrecks & Relics - Spirit of Cockpit-Fest' Awards)
The Museum Shop
Jane Knox-Kiepura & Kiepura Aviation

As now seems to be the case with Cockpit-Fest there was a diverse range of cockpits and supporting displays on show and everyone who displayed at the event was a winner and a credit to this wonderfully diverse hobby. Below are this year's official results:

Grand Champion (Visitors Award) - Bill Fern (SYAM), Jaguar GR1, XX736

Visitors Award Non-Cockpit - Richard Fryer, Flying Helmets display

Cockpiteers Cockpit Award - Ritch & Max Blood, Provost T1 cockpit

Cockpiteers Award Non-Cockpit - Richard Fryer, Flying Helmets display

Wrecks & Relics Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award (Ken Ellis) - Bill Fern (SYAM) - Vickers Valetta cockpit

Wrecks & Relics Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award (Ken Ellis) - Ian & Gary Morton - Dove, G-ANAP cockpit

Cockpit-Fest will be back next year, on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June, 2023

All photo credits: Howard Heeley, Down To Earth Promotions.


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