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Photograph Competition

Early Aircraft

The winning photograph for January 2006

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Bucker Jungmeister at Breighton Airfield.     Steven Hadlow

Bucker Jungmeister seen at Breighton Airfield in 2004 and was taken using a Canon EOS10d and 75-300 f4-f5.6 USM MKII.

Steven Hadlow

Thanks to everyone that took part in the Photo-Competition.

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Blériot at La Ferté Alais France, if you love the props, this is the place to be.

John Hill
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One of the Edwardian aircraft (Blackburn Monoplane 1912) based at Shuttleworth at the tail end of the October 05 airshow. Taken by Steve Screech with his trusty Canon 10D.

Steve Screech
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The Shuttleworth Avro Triplane IV taken at Old Warden in 2003.

Lindsay Findlay
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Avro Tutor & Hawker Tomtit in close formation - Old Warden 03/07/04 - Camera Olympus C770.

Stephen Gibbins
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Replica of the Wright Flyer III built and flown by Mark Dusenberry of Dover, Ohio at the Centennial of Practical Flight on October 5, 2005.

Dean Alexander
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Sopwith Triplane replica at Elvington.

John Bilcliffe
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Vickers Vimmy, Taken at Farnborough with Nikon F60 with 50mm Lens.

A Billing
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A jet provost {89 RAF} that was based at RAF Linton on Ouse {No 1 flying school sqn} and now sit in the main hall of Aeroventer Museusm , Doncaster.

James Duczak
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This is a baltic bear, taken at the RAF Coltishall Photocall Day.

Micheal Simpson