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Sidmouth Air Show News & Press Releases

Sidmouth Airshow Line-up confirmed!

Sidmouth Airshow Line-up confirmed!

Sidmouth Town Council has today confirmed the line-up for the Sidmouth Airshow by announcing details of the aircraft and teams who will join the world famous RAF Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows at the Sidmouth Airshow on Friday 27th August 2021.
Battle of Britain Airshow, Headcorn Aerodrome.
The display will commence at around 5.30pm with the Royal Navy's Solo Wildcat Helicopter Display Team who are based at RNAS Yeovilton and who thrill audiences at many shows with their dynamic flying displays in Lynx helicopters. This year however, they are flying at only a handful of events and Sidmouth is lucky enough to be one of them.

Following this, will be the first ever appearance at Sidmouth, by Rich Goodwin who performs one of the most amazing displays of high energy, high G-force aerobatic manoeuvres ever witnessed, in his colourful Pitts Biplane.

A historic theme follows, with the RAF Dakota of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight as previously announced but now accompanying the Dakota, will also be no less than two RAF Spitfires. The prospect of a large Dakota transport flanked by two elegant Spitfires who will peel off and display separately, before re-joining in formation, will be a breath-taking sight.

Finally, returning to Sidmouth after a two year absence due to their US Tour and restrictions last year, will be the Red Arrows who will once again delight the crowds with their perfectly synchronised flying and manoeuvrers as a fitting finale. All in all, Sidmouth Airshow 2021 is shaping up to be a real tonic and highlight of the year.

Final details and arrangements are still being confirmed but the Council has confirmed that the event will include all the usual extra car parking and traffic management including the closure of the esplanade to allow the support teams to set up and extra public space for watching and enjoying the event.

Chair of the Town Council, Cllr Ian Barlow, said: "This is fantastic news that after an absence of two years, the Red Arrows are to return as well as the Spitfires and Dakota. Sidmouth is the best possible place to watch and get an uninterrupted view of all these teams in the country. It's just the boost we all need at the moment."

To enable the event to continue, Official Collectors are being recruited to assist in gathering donations from the public across the seafront, Salcombe and Peak Hills and Connaught Gardens through collection buckets and contactless payment. If you are able to offer your help, please register by contacting Sidmouth Town Council at Volunteers are needed from 4pm until 7.30pm and the organising team will then be back in touch with locations and contact details for the day.

Sidmouth's Airshow will, subject to regulations and the recovery roadmap, take place on Friday, 27th August 2021 from approximately 5.30pm. Participation of teams is based upon aircraft availability and weather conditions. Keep an eye out for future details on the participating teams at and Facebook for up to the minute details, timings and other announcements on the event. This information will also be available at and the Live Sidmouth - Sidmouth Town Council Facebook pages.

Sidmouth Airshow Schedule 2021

5.30pm - Royal Navy Solo Wildcat Helicopter
5.45pm - Pitts Biplane - Rich Goodwin
6.05pm - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Dakota & 2x Spitfires
6.30pm - Red Arrows

Note that the official BBMF Schedule has the BBMF (2x Spitfires) down for 5.45pm.

The display will commence at around 5.30pm on Friday 27th August 2021.

Route Map of Red Arrows Display at Clacton & Sidmouth (Friday 27 August 2021):

Red Arrows NOTAMS - Sidmouth Display (Friday 27 August 2021):
1. 504403N 0032450W EXETER - 6.19pm
2. 505040N 0032759W NW OF BRANDNINCH - 6.21pm
3. 504909N 0034235W NW OF CREDITON - 6.22pm
4. 505704N 0034701W SW OF MESHAW - 6.24pm
5. 510052N 0032752W E OF MOREBATH - 6.26pm
6. 504616N 0031657W N OF OTTERY ST MARY - 6.29pm
7. 504028N 0031414W SIDMOUTH DISPLAY - 6.30pm
8. 503456N 0031124W OVERSEA - 7.01pm
9. 503341N 0032250W OVERSEA - 7.03pm
10. 504403N 0032450W EXETER - 7.05pm

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