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East Kirkby Air Show 2021 News & Press Releases

East Kirkby Air Show 2021 - Sat 7th August 2021

East Kirkby Air Show 2021 Schedule

The East Kirkby Air Show takes place at East Kirkby Airfield in Lincolnshire on Saturday 7th August 2021.

The gates will open at 10am and the flying display will take place from 12.45pm.

Airshow Schedule:

Saturday 7th August 2021
The car parks open at 7am, the show opens at 10am.
9.30 - Fly Ins
10.00 - Gates opens
10.00 - Cockpit gantry opens- By the Lancaster
10.00 to 12.00 - Jeep Photos - By the Lancaster
11.30 - 1940's Dance Performance- Hangar
12.00 - Fly Ins stop
12.00 - Cockpit gantry closes
12.15 - DDay Darlings Performance - Under Lancaster
12.45 - Flying display starts
13.00 - Lancaster taxy run
14.30 - DDay Darlings Performance- Hangar
15.00 - Lancaster taxy run
15.30 - 1940's Dance Performance- Hangar
17.00 - Lancaster and Mosquito synchro taxy
17.30 - Flying finishes
17.30 - Aircraft photo opportunity
17.30 - Departures

Participating Aircraft

Lancaster NX611 (TAXYING ONLY)
Mosquito HJ711 (TAXYING ONLY)
The Blades Aerobatic Team (Flying)
Miles Gemini (Flying)
G Force Aerobatics- Little and Large Extra duo (Flying)
Boeing B17 'Sally B' (Flying)
Siai Marchetti (Flying)
Auster AOP6 - TW536 (Flying)
Nord Norvigie (Flying)
Great War Display Team (Flying)
BBMF Dakota (Flying)
BBMF Spitfire (Flying)
BBMF Hurricane (Flying)
Slingsby T67 Firefly (Flying)
Hawker Fury FB.11 (Flying)
Cheeky Champ (Flying)
YAK 50 (Flying)

This is the East Kirkby annual full air show and is run to help raise funds for the on-going restoration of Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'.

There will be re-enactors, Lancaster taxy runs, trade stalls, vintage cars, Military vehicles, Military wives choir and much more to give you an excellent family day out.

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