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Newark Air Museum Saab Viggen Paint Refreshment Completed

Saab Viggen Paint Refreshment Completed

Work on the upper surfaces of the Saab Viggen maritime reconnaissance / strike fighter that is displayed in Hangar 2 at the Newark Air Museum has now been completed. The current indications from the museum suggest that the under surfaces will be cleaned and degreased, but on this occasion they will not be repainted.

The 'Viggen Valet' work platforms have recently been removed from around the aircraft and they will now be used on other restoration projects at the museum including some possible major refurbishment work on the Vulcan.

Some discussions have been held about the possibility of moving the Viggen outside on a short term basis, to allow for some improved photo opportunities. However the technicalities of such a move still have to be resolved and so far no firm decision has been made by the museum trustees.

This particular Saab Viggen was famously flown into RAF Cranwell on 7th February 2006, where it was dismantled by the museum volunteers before being transported by road down the A17 to the museum site on part of the former World War II base, RAF Winthorpe.

As previously advised, the End-User certificate for the Viggen aircraft stipulates that it must retain its ex- Royal Swedish Air Force colour scheme and markings. The 'Viggen Valet' project, as it has become known has drawn plaudits from Sweden and northern Europe for the accuracy of the new paintwork that has been applied during the last six months. Credit goes out to the volunteers who have undertaken this work in Hangar 2 at Newark Air Museum.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions.