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Newark Air Museum - 3rd March 2018 Aeroboot Cancelled

Newark Air Museum - 3rd March 2018 Aeroboot Cancelled

Newark Air Museum Indoor Aeroboot / Aerojumble Sale We have taken the decision to cancel the Indoor Aeroboot /Aerojumble Sale that was due to take place in Hangar 2 on Saturday 3rd March, 2018.

This decision has been reached following some detailed in-house discussions; online and offline checks with Aeroboot sellers and buyers; and a near constant assessment of the weather outlook. It was not taken lightly and we do appreciate that this could upset some people. However, many sellers and buyers often travel long distances to attend the event and it was felt necessary to give these people as much notice as possible of our intentions. The museum site has been open today, but we are experiencing frequent snow showers and this may in itself make the museum site difficult to negotiate; plus the long-term outlook for the rest of this week is more snow and near freezing temperatures every day, which would make the event on Saturday 3rd March a huge challenge to host safely.

We have opted to re-arrange the sale for Saturday 14th April 2018, which we believe does not clash with any other known Aerojumble type event, any other museum event, or any major events on the adjacent Showground. Existing seller locations / passes will remain valid for the April event; but if anyone is unable to make the April date we would ask them to make contact and we will arrange to for a refund. Once we have an idea of any tables becoming available these will be offered to those seller who were on the waiting list for March 3rd.

Emails will be sent out to our Aeroboot contacts this evening, but if you know of anyone who was planning to attend, either as a seller or as a buyer we would be grateful if you could make them aware of the cancellation and the re-arranged date.

Once again sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause but we are convinced that it is the right decision.

More updates will be released for the sale on 14 April 2018, as and when they are confirmed.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions.