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Saab Viggen Survey & Repaint Christmas Update

Further to the previously advised cleaning and survey work on the Saab Viggen maritime reconnaissance / strike fighter that is displayed in Hangar 2 at the Newark Air Museum; work has now been completed in rubbing down the flaking paint on aircraft's upper surfaces. Saab Viggen at Newark Air Museum

In some areas this work has returned the aircraft to bare metal, all of which has now been etched primed leaving the aircraft ready for the reapplication of the iconic 'splinter pattern' camouflage markings worn by the AJSH 37 variant. It is anticipated that this work will now be undertaken in early 2018

Saab Viggen at Newark Air Museum The Saab Viggen was famously flown into RAF Cranwell on 7th February 2006, where it was dismantled by the museum volunteers before being transported by road down the A17 to the museum site on part of the former World War II base, RAF Winthorpe. The End-User certificate for the Viggen aircraft stipulates that it must retain its ex- Royal Swedish Air Force colour scheme and markings.

This aircraft is the only example of the type displayed in a UK museum, and has always been a popular exhibit. As a consequence of its popularity, the museum trustees are trying to make potential visitors aware that views / access to the Viggen may be restricted during the winter months.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions.