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Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Harvard News Round-Up From Newark

The in-depth restoration of the North American Harvard II B at Newark Air Museum has another step forward, with the application of the first coat of paint to the restored wing.

The airframe being restored is 42-12417 (Dutch AF B-163 and RCAF FE930) and the restoration programme is now well underway. The wing has been repainted gloss yellow but the final choice of markings; either Dutch or Canadian still remains to be made. Once the other wing surface has been painted the restored wing will be place into storage and work will then start on the other wing.

Elsewhere on the project most layers of paint on the fuselage have been removed and various sets of former marking recorded. As previously reported areas of corrosion are being treated and repairs completed.

Harvard wing.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

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