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Imperial War Museum Duxford - Press Release

Imperial War Museum Duxford - Press Release

VIP launch of the IWM Duxford 2014 American Air Museum Summer Residency in London last night

Yesterday evening (Thursday 31 July), the 2014 American Air Museum Summer Residency, sponsored by defence and aerospace company Northrop Grumman, was officially launched at Churchill War Rooms, London.

The American Air Museum Summer Residency Programme is a unique professional development project creating a partnership between teachers from the USA and the UK. Run by IWM Duxford, on behalf of the American Air Museum, the residency gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate on a range of innovative ideas which make the study of Second World War history and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) exciting and engaging for their students.

At yesterdayfs programme launch, participating teachers from USA met their British counterparts for the first time.

They were welcomed by a number of speakers. Phil Reed, American Air Museum Executive President and Churchill War Rooms Director, said: gwefre here to welcome a flourishing relationship between Imperial War Museums, the American Air Museum and Northrop Grumman.h

Sir Peter Squire, President of the American Air Museum said: gLet me make my own welcome to the US and UK teachers on this programme. I would dearly love to see a younger generation thirst for knowledge about the history of US air power over the past 100 years and for young people to come to Europe to see what America did for us.h

Jenny Cousins, American Air Museum Project Leader, gave the teachers an insight into the programme of activities that they will be undertaking over the next two weeks. She said: gThis is a story about historical STEM. Wefre aiming to break down the barriers between two different styles of teaching ? the arts on one side and technology on the other.h

Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive UK & Europe, Northrop Grumman, said: gThe first duty of state is to provide education. Everything else come from education. I was taught history very badly. As Ifve gone through life, Ifve felt that lack of a good history education. There is very little that happens today that doesnft have its roots in history. When I think of the developments over the past 100 years, two things come to mind. One, the importance of science, technology and engineering. Two, the relationship between the UK and the US. This describes the themes for the residency programme and also why, to Northrop Grumman, it has such an natural affinity and is an important relationship for us.h

Guests in attendance at the launch included representatives of the US Embassy, Northrop Grumman and IWM.

Following the official welcomes, guests were given a guided tour of Churchill War Rooms by its Director, Phil Reed.

The American Air Museum Summer Residency now continues until Thursday 14 August and features a two-day Summer Camp for students aged between 14 and 16, who will enjoy learning sessions with the US and UK teachers on the residency.

US and UK teachers meeting for the first time at the American Air Museum Summer Residency. The UK and US teachers together. (left to right) Phil Reed, American Air Museum Executive Vice-President and Churchill War Rooms Director; Sir Stuart Peach, Trustee, IWM, and Vice Chief of the Defence Staff; Sir Peter Squire, American Air Museum President and Andrew Tyler, Chief Executive UK and Europe, Northrop Grumman.
Guests enjoyed a tour of Churchill War Rooms, hosted by Director Phil Reed. soaking up the history at Churchill War Rooms.

Photographs courtesy of IWM.

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