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Imperial War Museum Duxford - Press Release

Imperial War Museum Duxford - Press Release

Summer holiday activities at IWM Duxford Find out about the First World War and life in the trenches
Saturday 26 July to Wednesday 3 September

This summer, we explore the First World War, involving families in lively learning about the progress of the war and trench warfare.

Find out how and why the First World War started as our costumed interpreter explains which countries were involved and who was on whose side. Using our large interactive map, we値l be asking you to represent troops from different nationalities and actively demonstrate how far they had advanced in the conflict.

From 11.30am to 3.30pm, between the Flying Aircraft and the Air and Sea exhibitions, discover what trench life was really like and how trenches changed and developed over the four years of the Great War.

Explore our small replica trench; see how it would have looked at the beginning of the First World War in 1914. Moving through, you値l see how different the trench experience was by the end of the war, in 1918. As you travel through the trench, you can handle objects that would have been used by the Tommies, including replica respirators. You値l also be able to try on mini replica First World War uniforms, webbing and head dresses. Look through the periscope to spy on what痴 happening in No Man痴 Land.

Our costumed interpreter, representing a First World War infantryman, will give timed talks throughout the day and will answer questions about life in the trenches.

He値l explain the European political issues that led to the outbreak of war.

We値l also look at how outdated military strategies versus the development of new technology led to the emergence of trench warfare.

Discover what life was like in the trenches as we find out about the daily duties undertaken by the men and how they endured the cold, the rain, the smells and the problems caused by pests such as lice and rats. Find out what the troops ate and how they entertained themselves during the long hours between battles.

We値l look at the legacy of the First World War and how new military tactics and technological advancements changed warfare forever. This included the first use of aircraft for reconnaissance duties (including dropping messages directly into dug outs from the air) and aerial attack. It also included the introduction of tanks and a return to mobile warfare.

You can also get creative by making and painting Airfix models of First World War aircraft in our AirSpace exhibition between 10.30am and 2.30pm.

Airfix are running a new competition at IWM Duxford during the summer holidays. Creatively colour in the Airfix model box design on our template sheet. Let your imagination run wild and make your design as colourful and vibrant as you like.

There are two categories for entries: aged eight and above and under the age of eight. The prize in each category is a family ticket (two adults, two children) for a return visit to IWM Duxford and a hamper of Airfix goodies. The competition will be judged at the end of the summer holidays. We look forward to seeing lots of wonderful artistic designs.

Join us this summer to explore the First World War from the tactics to the trenches.

Summer holiday family activities are included in general admission to IWM Duxford*. Visitors aged 15 and under enjoy free admission to the museum and to our summer holiday activities. Airfix Make and Paint is suitable for ages eight and above.

Photographs courtesy of IWM.

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