RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2008 - Press Release

RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2008 - Press Release


The world's only formation wingwalking team, glamorous Team Guinot, will be pioneering a daring new wingwalking manoeuvre at Yeovilton Air Day Saturday 5th July 2008.

The daring wingwalkers will leave the safety of their static harness to sit on the leading edge of the top wing directly above the plane's propeller as they soar above Yeovilton at 100mph!

The breathtaking manoeuvre is affectionately named the "Guinot Goose" after the nickname of its creator, 21 year old wingwalker Lucy Foster;

"I feel as free as a bird sitting on the leading edge", says Lucy, originally from Ashford in Kent,

"I can see for miles and the sense of freedom is amazing!"

Team leader Vic Norman is immensely proud of his team to be bringing new ideas to the airshow circuit for 2008;

"The new move truly demonstrates the talent of our wingwalkers" says Vic

"The girls literally have taken wingwalking acrobatics to new heights. It takes exceptional ability and strength to complete the move and the crowd won't be disappointed!"

The famous Team Guinot 1940's Boeing Stearman biplanes will also perform an adrenalin-pumping sequence of loops, rolls and turns whilst the glamorous wingwalkers wave and perform handstands against 150mph wind pressure, experiencing forces of up to 4G.

Make sure you don't miss the display at the Yeovilton Air Day to capture the glamorous wingwalkers soaring through the clouds amongst the birds!

Team Guinot - Photo by Paul Johnson Team Guinot Team Guinot - Photo by Webmaster

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