RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2008 - Press Release

RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2008 - Press Release

Putting the "BANG!" into Air Day

With little over a month to go, this year's RNAS Yeovilton Air Day on 5 July is fast approaching.

The finale to Air Day is the Commando Assault, a mammoth and truly epic set piece featuring a large number of modern military assets locally-based helicopters, armoured vehicles and troops among them.

The Assault also includes a series of thrilling explosions, which are produced by Event Horizon Pyrotechnics of Wedmore, Somerset.

In the run up to what promises to be yet another absolute feast for the senses, we spoke to Charlie Adcock, company founder, to get a fuller understanding of the resources and work that goes into producing such visually and aurally stunning effects.

Wall of Fire
Mr Adcock formed Event Horizon Pyrotechnics a decade ago. Since that time, the company has been involved in countless Air Days and many other military events, and was responsible for the spine-tingling Wall of Fire seen at Air Day 2007.

Initially, Mr Adcock explained, a meeting is held with RNAS Yeovilton personnel in order to establish the scenario of the Commando Assault demonstration and a storyboard along with Air Day's requirements.

Helicopters and Troops
In contrast to other events, he said, RNAS Yeovilton has a lot of assets: lots of helicopters, lots of troops...an impressive array of gear.

These assets combine with the explosions to produce something quite spectacular, year-on-year. In terms of aerial assets, Yeovilton-based Westland Sea King and Lynx helicopters are joined by other rotary types from the RAF (this year - Chinook and Merlin) and Royal Marines (Westland Lynx AH7).

Fast Jets
As in previous years, the 2008 Assault will also feature FRADU Black Hawks and Naval Strike Wing Harrier GR9s, giving Air Day's anticipated 40,000-strong audience its only chance to see these legendary V-STOL (Vertical Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft flying at a British airshow this year.

Commando Assault Finale RAF Merlin - Photo by Roger Cook RN Harrier - Photo by David Eade Merlin & Sea King - Photo by Russel Collins

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