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Windermere Air Festival - Press Release

Windermere Air Festival - Press Release

Air Festival cancelled due to economic climate

The Windermere Air Festival 2012 has been cancelled due to the current economic climate and consequent lack of grant funding and sponsorship revenue that was previously available to it.

Bluestone Events will no longer run the event, having helped organise it in 2010 and been responsible for its delivery in 2011. The Windermere Air Festival was run for the first time as a commercial entity in 2011.

Although this year's event was hailed as a success, with ongoing uncertainty in the economy, the event's funding sources have been squeezed even further, with the probability that if it were to go ahead next year, organisers could face a substantial loss or be forced to pass on untenably high costs to festival visitors. Kate Thomas of Bluestone Events, said: It is with regret that Bluestone Events has been forced to withdraw from the Windermere Air Festival but the prevailing economic climate has made it impossible for us to stage the event in 2012, as the risk it would pose to our business would simply be too great. We would support anyone wishing to take on the running of the event in the future when the economic climate has improved. We would like to thank the Rotary Club and everyone who has supported us and the event. The Windermere Air Festival is a great event and we are proud to have been involved in it over the last two years.

Pat Crowfoot, President of the Rotary Club of Windermere, which organised the first 10 Air Shows said: I would like to thank Bluestone Events for making a success of this year's Windermere Air Festival. Without their involvement, it simply wouldn't have taken place, as the Air Festival has grown too big for a voluntary service organisation like ours to undertake. The Rotary Club hopes that when economic conditions have improved that a private company will re-launch the Windermere Air Festival, with the goal of making it better than ever.

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