Vampire Preservation Group Press Release

Vampire Preservation Group Press Release


Vampire Preservation Group 'Open Day'
The Vampire Preservation Group will be holding their inaugural Open Day on Saturday 8th March 2008 at 'The Squadron', North Weald. Admission is free (although donations would be greatly appreciated!) and the planned timetable for the day's events is as follows:

3:15pm - Vampire WZ507 departs for short local flight
3:30pm - Vampire lands back at North Weald
3:45pm - Vampire made available for guided tours with the pilots
4:45pm - Presentation about the Vampire, WZ507 and the work of the VPG
6:00pm - Prize Draw the top prize is a ride in the Vampire when we taxi back to the hangar!
6:30pm - Night start up. A rare opportunity to see the start up flames at night! We will then taxi past 'The Squadron', allowing spectators to hear the distinct sound of the Vampire's 'Goblin' engine
7:00pm - Meet the Group. Your chance to meet members of the VPG and ask any questions we will be available in the bar until around 10pm.

Please note all outdoor activities will be subject to weather.

Background: - The Vampire Preservation Group operate WZ507, believed to be the only airworthy de Havilland Vampire T11 in the world. More details about the VPG are on our website:

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