Vampire Preservation Group Press Release

Vampire Preservation Group Press Release


Vampire Preservation Group 'Open Day'
The Vampire Preservation Group held their inaugural Open Day on Saturday 8th March at North Weald Airfield, Essex. The weather conditions were far from perfect, with strong winds, low cloud and occasional rain causing a degree of disruption to the proceedings!

The planned flight at 3:15pm was postponed due to rain; Matt Hampton, the VPG Chief Pilot instead gave a presentation about the work of the VPG and the history of the Vampire. Shortly after 4:00pm the weather brightened up and VPG Display Pilot Mark Hooton managed to make a short flight in WZ507, much to the delight of the assembled crowd.

The Vampire was then parked outside of 'The Squadron' and any members of the public that were prepared to brave the elements had the opportunity to come and have a detailed look at the aircraft. As the skies became darker everybody went back indoors for the raffle, hoping to win the top prize of a ride in WZ507 when it was taxied back to the hangar.

At 7:00pm everybody was outside again to witness the night start up the flames looked much more impressive in the dark! The Vampire then made two taxi runs past 'The Squadron', allowing people to take photographs and hear the unique sound of the Goblin engine at close range.

The VPG intend to host another Open Day later in the summer hopefully with better weather! More details will be announced on our website nearer the time:

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