The Sarang at Waddington International Airshow - News Release

The Sarang at Waddington International Airshow - News Release

Another Indian Summer at RAF Waddington
The Sarang at Waddington International Airshow 2008

In 2008 the “International” in Waddington International Airshow will once again be truly warranted with another impressive display of flying skills this year due to be provided by the Indian Air Force [IAF] Helicopter Display Team "The Sarang".

During a pre-Airshow press call at the base just outside Lincoln the Sarang demonstrated the precision flying capabilities of their display routine, before then participating in an air to air photo sortie over the impressive Lincoln Cathedral. This iconic Lincoln landmark provided a fitting backdrop for those privileged to participate in the photo shoot and it also gave an even rarer first hand insight into the tight formations held by the team during their display.

The Sarang Helicopter Display Team has evolved from the former Advanced Light Helicopter [ALH] Evaluation Flight formed at Aircraft and System Testing Establishment [ASTE] at Bangalore on March 18, 2002. After completion of the initial task of field evaluation of the ALH, the unit's role was changed to formation display with the purpose of showcasing the professionalism of IAF and to demonstrate the giant leap taken by Indian aircraft industry in producing this state of the art helicopter.

The Team was rechristened 'Sarang', which is a Sanskrit word meaning Peacock. Its manoeuvres symbolise the beauty and grace of the Indian national bird during the display. The helicopters have been painted in a unique paint scheme which utilise bright colours with the peacock form superimposed on it. The Team is presently based at Indian Air Force base at Yelahanka near Bangalore, but has been deployed in the UK since early June.

The Sarang with their display profile aims to demonstrate the high capability of the ALH and the true professionalism and exceptional skills of the IAF pilots use to capture the hearts and enthral the audience through rigorous manoeuvring and graceful turns.

All Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

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