B-17 'Sally B' News Release

B-17 'Sally B' News Release

Sally B grounded until 2009
6th August 2008

I am sorry to have to inform you that the B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B will not be flying this year.

Following an extensive investigation after the aircraft’s two engines failed, it has become clear that the repair work cannot be completed by October when her display season ends.

Engines and good spare parts have become increasingly difficult to find and as this goes to print we have found the fault in the first failed engine which is now being repaired. The other failed engine is still under investigation in the USA.

We are all saddened by this unfortunate turn of events, especially as the aircraft has only missed one season in her 33 years of display flying.

We are confident that 2009 will see our B-17 back in the air where she belongs.

Elly Sallingboe
B-17 Operator
Sally B website at www.sallyb.org.uk