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Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Strange 'Bed-Fellows' Arrive at Newark Air Museum

On 10th April 2012 an unusual mixed load was delivered to Newark Air Museum's site on Drove Lane in eastern Nottinghamshire, raising the following question. How many times has a significant British homebuilt aircraft travelled on the same lorry as a Yellow Sun nuclear bomb casing?

The first item to be loaded was the prototype Taylor Monoplane G-APRT, which has been donated to the museum. This aircraft was designed and built by the John Taylor in the late 1950s, and is noted as having flown for the first time on 4th July 1959 at White Waltham.

The Taylor Monoplane is recognised as being the first English post-World War II homebuilt designed aircraft, which was designed for building in small spaces and by people with average fabrication skills. In total, more than 100 examples were built and flown. Taylor Monoplane G-ARPT was offloaded and moved into Display Hangar 1 at the museum.

The Yellow Sun nuclear weapon casing was the second item to be collected on Tuesday and this item has been placed on loan at the Newark Air Museum by the RAF Museum Reserve Collection at RAF Stafford. Yellow Sun was the first British operational high-yield strategic nuclear weapon.

The timely arrival of the Yellow Sun for display at Newark coincides with the final preparations for Tribute to V-Force reunion event that the museum is hosting at the end of April. Tribute to the V-Force is a two day event on 28th & 29th April 2012, that is being organised for former V-Bomber crews, who would have flown the aircraft that would have been required to drop the Yellow Sun in the event of conflict.

Upon arrival at Winthorpe the Yellow Sun casing was offloaded onto a Yellow Sun weapon trolley that was already part of the collection at Newark Air Museum.

Acquisitions Officer David Hibbert made the following comments about the new arrivals at Newark Air Museum.  “The acquisition of the Taylor Monoplane is especially significant to the museum. It fits perfectly with part of our Collecting Policy of acquiring aircraft flown privately if they are significant to the development of the type and represent unique examples, which might otherwise be destroyed.”

He concluded, “The timing of the Yellow Sun arrival could not have been better, just in time for the forthcoming Tribute to the V-Force event. We are grateful to both the former owner of the Taylor Monoplane and to staff at the RAF Museum Reserve Collection for making these acquisitions possible.”

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

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