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Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Further summer restoration news from Newark Air Museum

A recent mini-break in this summer's spell of wet weather has enabled significant progress to be made in the application of the topcoats of camouflage paint onto Newark Air Museum's Lightning T5 airframe, XS417. As previously reported this will see XS417 returned to the colour scheme and markings it wore with the Lightning Training Flight (LTF) at RAF Binbrook, Lincs, in the mid-1980s.

Due to the recent spells of wet weather a lot of the restoration effort has been focused on the on-going projects that are located in the undercover work spaces around the museum site at Winthorpe, Notts.

Once again the museum is seeking information to assist with the restoration of General Aircraft Monospar ST-12 VH-UTH. Work has started on refitting the seats and trim in the cockpit area and the museum is in urgent need of any photographic references for this area on ST-12 variants of the Monospar. Once this work is completed it is hoped that the covering of the fuselage will commence. Anyone who can assist is asked to contact the museum on 01636 707170 or via the website at www.newarkairmuseum.org

Also in Hangar 1 the Auster AOP.9 fuselage framework has now been surveyed and the structure is now being de-corroded and primed, ready for further rebuild work in the coming months. Alongside the Auster, work has recently been undertaken to split the twisted Mooney fuselage, which will allow it to be realigned ready for the eventual refitting of the wings. Work on these has been underway in one of the on-site trailer units and the previously cut wing spar sections have now been re-joined, which in itself is a major step forward for this particular restoration project.

Down in the on-site workshop de-corrosion work and repainting is also underway on the MS.880B Rallye Club airframe G-BFTZ. This particular airframe is being painted in a 'house-colour' scheme, selected by one of the museum members.

Additional work that has been undertaken on some of the airframes displayed outside includes: modification to the wind joint areas of the Ashton fuselage, which will allow this rare test-bed exhibit to have large castor wheels fitted to facilitate easier movement around the museum site; and additional repaneling work has been completed on the recently acquire Jaguar T2A airframe.

Repainting work underway on Lightning XS417 Trim and seats being refitted to the cockpit cabin of General Aircraft Monospar VH-UTH

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

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