Meteor NF.14 WS739 Update December 2008

The fuselage of Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF14 WS739 (7961M) has now been moved into Newark Air Museum's on-site workshop, where it will undergo an in-depth restoration programme as the museum's main indoor winter restoration project.

The Meteor NF14 is listed as a 'Significant' airframe on the National Aviation Heritage Register and a large amount of work has already been completed on the outer wing sections that were removed during the summer.

Some rubbing down and preparation work has already been carried out on the fuselage and during this process several former sets of markings have been revealed, including fictitious 85 Squadron markings that were applied when the aircraft was a gate guardian at RAF Church Fenton, North Yorks.

These markings have all been recorded and it is believed that WS739 may be returned to 25 Squadron marking that it wore between 1954 and 1958.

WS739 arrived at Winthorpe Airfield in January 1984 and despite many years displayed outside has so far proved relatively easy to dismantle. This particular Meteor NF.14 was formally operated by 25 Squadron at RAF Tangmere and RAF Waterbeach; it also flew with both 1 and 2 Air Navigation Schools; and was the gate guardian at RAF Church Fenton between 1969 and 1975.

Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF14 WS739 (7961M) - 
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All Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

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