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Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Newark Air Museum - Press Release

Auster AOP.9 out of storage

A recent reorganisation of the working area in Display Hangar 1 at Newark Air Museum has seen the Harvard cockpit section moved into the museum's on-site Workshop. This move has created sufficient space to allow the fuselage frame of an Auster AOP.9 to be moved out of deep storage at the museum and into Display Hangar 1; the move being completed on 31st January 2012.

During the coming weeks it is planned to refit the undercarriage, which will allow the AOP.9 to be moved around more easily. A survey of the fuselage framework will then be undertaken with a view to allowing the long-term restoration of the airframe. A set of wings for the project remain in storage.

Examination of the manufactures plate on the aircraft give a slightly confused picture about the military serials that it may have worn. With this in mind the museum is seeking assistance to clarify the airframe's identity.

The main plate carries the following inscriptions: B5-10-1185  issue 72  10-9-62

Elsewhere, a modification plate on the fuselage carries the following inscription: AUS/R -10/74  or possibly  AUS/R -10/174 

Various communications exist within the aircraft's archive file at the museum, which suggest possible identities of XK381 or XS238. In addition identities of TA200 and XR238 have also been suggested. Any assistance in helping to resolve this particular AOP.9's 'identity crisis' would be greatly appreciated; details can be sent in via the museum website at www.newarkairmuseum.org or via email at enquire@newarkairmuseum.org

Photo Credit: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

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