RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2008 - Press Release

RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2008 - Press Release

AIR DAY – Be Blown Away

Ever dreamt of becoming a pilot? Want to find out what it's like to sit at the controls of a 15 tonne Helicopter, surrounded by the latest technology, making vital tactical and operational decisions under pressure?

Every day life for Royal Navy Pilots could include, flying fast jets armed with air-to-ground or air-to-air weapons, transporting troops of Royal Marines Commandos and their equipment by helicopter, lifting casulaties from sunken vessels on search and rescue missions.

Why not come along to Culdrose Air Day and find out what day-to-day life is really like for the Aircrew of Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose?

A unique experience

On Wednesday July 30th the general public will be able to 'experience the world of Culdrose', when for just one day of the year, the Naval Air Station, based in Helston, opens its gates to non-military personnel.

This means that, budding fighter pilots and those who once dreamt of flying, can experience the sights, sounds and smells of one of Europe's largest helicopter bases first-hand.

Be Blown Away

Air Day will be action packed from start to finish. As fast jets and military aircraft zoom across the skies, you will be able to meet Aircrew who have served on frontline Squadrons all over the world, Pilots who have just earned their 'Wings' and members of the Search and Rescue Squadron, who are seen flying all over Cornwall on daring rescue missions, often putting their own lives at risk to save those of others.

Why not climb onboard state-of-the art aircraft, be scrambled on your own search and rescue mission, take a ride in a helicopter, be winched or jump into the driving seat of a military fire engine?

Fun for the whole family

All ages will enjoy our interactive exhibitions and displays from Field Gun Competitions and Parachutists, to Military bands and Motorcycles. A wide range of food and beverage outlets will also be available as will shops and other stalls.

Public Relations Officer, Emma Relton said: “This year's Air Day is going to be fantastic. It's the one occasion in the year when the general public can get up close and personal with helicopters and a wide range of military aircraft. Often our Airday is the only chance that non-military personnel can come inside the gates of Culdrose and see what a Naval Air Base is really like. They will also be able to meet some of those who have served on frontline Squadrons all over the world and 771 Squadron who many will see flying around Cornwall on search and rescue missions 365 days of the year. It's a great chance to see behind the scenes and experience the world of Culdrose.“

For further information, including updates on the list of participating aircraft and our exciting attractions, please visit our website - www.culdroseairday.co.uk
Tickets are now onsale.

Love Aircraft?

Does flying on Flight Simulator leave you hungry?

At this year's RNAS Culdrose Air Day on 30th July, we have an array of visiting aircraft that will make your mouth water – and yes, you can get up close and personal to fast jets, military helicopters and other Big Boys toys!

The noise and speed of our busy flying display will be provided by aerobatic display teams, our award winning Black Hawk jets, helicopters from British and overseas armed forces, a variety of civilian participants and the Royal Naval Historic Flight.

You will enjoy breathtaking manoeuvres and precision flying, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Cornish Coastline.

Although there will be flying throughout the day, our main flying afternoon display will be broken into three themed sections:

· 13:30 to 14:30 – Global Military Operations
· 14:30 to 15:30 - Vintage aircraft bring history to life
· 15:30 to 16:30 - Noise and speed

On the ground we will also have a large display in our static park – so that you can get up close, admire the finer points and special features of these amazing aircraft, and have your picture taken with your favourite. Tickets and further information are now available at www.culdroseairday.co.uk or any Devon and Cornwall Tourist Information Centre.

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