B-17 'Sally B' News Release

B-17 'Sally B' News Release

Engine failure grounds B-17
19th May 2008

We are sorry that the UKs only airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress, Sally B is momentarily grounded. Now in her 63rd year, the job of keeping this flying memorial in the air is always hard work and sometimes luck is just not on our side...

Over the winter, in readiness for the 2008 flying season, a replacement engine was fitted but in early May this sadly failed during a test run. With important assignments coming up, including the Duxford show and our salute to the American Military Cemetery at Madingley, followed by the Biggin Hill International Air Fair, the decision was taken to change this engine.

Thanks to the wonderful recent financial contributions from Bertie Ashby and our Sally B Supporters Club members we were in the position to be able to enlist a full-time professional engineer to assist with this second engine change. This would put us back on schedule for the season.

All concerned were devastated when this engine also failed during its first flight. Lady luck was just not with us this time.

At this moment we cannot tell you when Sally B will be back where she belongs - in the air. Everything that can be done to turn this situation around safely and quickly is being done.

So, rest assured, although the team are well and truly saddened by this sequence of events we will bounce back.

We have many people around us who help us in so many ways, no more so than through the incredible efforts of our Supporters Club, that we will overcome this. We are sorry to have missed the beginning of the season but hope to resume our flying programme in July at the Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford.

Elly Sallingboe
B-17 Operator
We will keep you updated on our website www.sallyb.org.uk