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Scampton Airshow 2017

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County: Lincolnshire
Satnav Postcode: LN1 2ST
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RAF Scampton Airshow.

Scampton Airshow History
RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire is home to the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows.

The RAF Waddington International Air Show was scrapped as a result of a Ministry of Defence review during 2015 which also concluded that RAF Scampton was an ideal location for a new airshow.

The RAF Charitable Trust announced on 19th February 2016 that it had reached an agreement in principle with the Royal Air Force to organise an air show at RAF Scampton as early as September 2017.

It was announced on the 26th May 2016 that the Scampton Airshow will be a two-day event with September 9th-10th 2017 the most likely dates.

Wg Cdr Campbell said: "We are absolutely delighted that RAF Scampton has been chosen to host the Scampton Airshow here in Lincolnshire and we are working closely with the RAF Charitable Trust to help them deliver what promises to be a fantastic two-day event."

For more information about the history of RAF Scampton then click the following link:

RAF Scampton (Military bases)

Belgian F-16 - Scampton Airshow.

RAF Typhoon - Scampton Airshow.

RAF E-3D Sentry - Scampton Airshow.

RAF Sentinel R1 - Scampton Airshow.

Red Arrows Movements:

Saturday 9 September
Depart Kleine Brogel - 1104
Flypast RAF Scampton - 1100(GMT)
Arrive RAF Scampton - 1105
Depart RAF Scampton - 1425
Arrive RAF Scampton - 1455
*Meet the Pilots at the Red Arrows PR Tent - 1600-1700

Sunday 10th September
Depart RAF Scampton - 1035
Flypast GNR - 1105
Flypast RAF Scampton - 1131
Arrive RAF Scampton - 1135
Depart RAF Scampton - 1425
Arrive RAF Scampton - 1455
*Meet the Pilots at the Red Arrows PR Tent - 1600-1700

BBMF Movements:

BBMF Timings.

Scampton Airshow 2017
Scampton Airshow.

The Scampton Airshow is a new Airshow which is replacing the RAF Waddington International Air Show.

The first Scampton Airshow is planned to take place in September 2017 and will be a two day event. The event, which will raise funds for the RAF Charitable Trust, will be staged at the home of the Red Arrows and promises spectacular flying displays.

Scampton Airshow 2017:

09-10 September - Scampton Airshow 2017

Scampton Airshow 2017:

09-10 September - Scampton Airshow 2017

Participating aircraft:
(F)=Flying Display, (S)=Static Display

Belgian Air Component
Belgian F-16AM (F)

Royal Canadian Air Force
CF-18 Hornet (S)

Breitling Wingwalkers x2 (F)
Auster AOP.4 (S)
Auster AOP.5 (S)
Auster AOP.9 (S)
Auster AOP6 (S)
Auster AOP6 (S)
Avro Anson (F)
B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B (F)
Blackburn B2 (S)
Boeing 727 (F)
Buccaneer S2B (S)
Bucker Jungmann (S)
Catalina - Plane Sailing (F)
Cessna F406 (S)
CSA Sportcruiser (S)
deHavilland Beaver (S)
deHavilland Chipmunk (S)
deHavilland Chipmunk (S)
deHavilland Chipmunk (S)
deHavilland Chipmunk (S)
deHavilland Chipmunk (S)
DH.60 Cirrus Moth (S)
Diamond DA-42 MPP (S)
F-4F Phantom - Hawker Hunter Aviation (S)
Flight Design CTSW (S)
FW-149 (S)
Gliders x2 (S)
Global Stars (F)
Helio-Courier (S)
Hunter Mk.58 - Hawker Hunter Aviation (S)
Jet Provost Mk.3 (S)
Jet Provost Mk.5 (S)
Jodel D119 (S)
Luscombe 8a Silvair (S)
Max Holste Broussard (S)
OV-10B Bronco (F)
PA-31 Navajo (S)
Pembroke C Mk.1 (F)
Rans S6 (S)
Rans S6 (S)
Ruschmeyer R90 (S)
Scottish Aviation Bulldog (S)
Slingsby Firefly (S)
Slingsby Venture T2 (S)
Su-22M-4 - Hawker Hunter Aviation (S)
T61G Glider (S)
UC-61K Arguss III (S)
Gazelle (S)
Gazelle x2 (F)
Calidus Autogyro (F)
P-51 Mustang - Hangar 11 (F)
de Havilland Vampire FB.52 (F)
de Havilland Vampire T.55 (F)
Strikemaster x2 (F)
Pitts Special Muscle - Rich Goodwin (F)
AJS 37 Viggen - SwAFHF (S)
J29 Tunnan - SwAFHF (S)
J32 Lansen - SwAFHF (S)
SK 35C Draken - SwAFHF (S)

French Air Force
Alphajet Solo Display (F)

German Air Force
Eurofighter (S)

Royal Netherlands Air Force
F-16 Fighting Falcon x2 (S)

Royal Air Force
E-3D Sentry (F)
Hawk T.1 (S)
Hawk T.2 (S)
King Air (S)
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane (F)
RAF Falcons (F)
Red Arrows (F)
Sentinel R.1 (F)
Squirrel HT.1 (S)
Tornado GR.4 x2 (S)
Tucano x2 (S)
Grob Tutor (S)
RAF Typhoon FGR4 - 6Sqn (S)
RAF Typhoon FGR4 (F)
Typhoon FGR.4 - 41Sqn (S)

Royal Navy
Merlin (S)

United States Air Force
USAF KC-135R Stratotanker (F) (Sunday only)

Scampton Airshow will feature two special flypasts to salute the Royal Air Force's close links with the county of Lincolnshire! The RAF Red Arrows will fly past with a Sentinel R.1 airborne surveillance aircraft from nearby RAF Waddington on both days of the show. On the Saturday only, this formation will also be followed by an E-3D Sentry!

Aircraft in the Flying Display:
Red Arrows
Sentinel R.1
E-3D Sentry
RAF Falcons
BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane
USAF KC-135R Stratotanker (Sunday only)
Belgian Air Force F-16 Solo Demo
French Air Force Alpha Jet Solo Display
Boeing 727
Avro Anson
B-17 Flying Fortress 'Sally B'
PBY Catalina 'Miss Pick Up'
Global Stars display team
Percival Pembroke
Gazelle Squadron
OV-10B Bronco
Gyro Air Displays
Breitling Wingwalkers
P-51D Mustang
Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron Vampires (x2)
BAC Strikemasters (x2)
Rich Goodwin Airshows' Pitts Special

In a statement, the Officer Commanding BBMF said, "I am delighted to announce that as of today (8th September) the BBMF Lancaster (pending an air test) and a Hurricane are now serviceable and will be flying tomorrow at the Scampton Air Show, together with our Griffon-powered Spitfire."

Local hotels for the RAF Scampton Airshow
Local hotels for the RAF Scampton Airshow

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September Timetable
7.00am - Lincs Showground & RAF Scampton airfield car parks open
7.45am - Lincs Showground Shuttle buses begin operations
8.00am - Airfield opens
11.00am - Flying display begins
4.00pm - Flying display ends
7.00pm - Airfield closes


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Bronco Display Team - Scampton Airshow.

Breitling Wingwalkers - Scampton Airshow.

Rich Goodwin - Scampton Airshow.

Park and View:
Thursday 7th September and Friday 8th September will see the North Eastern edge of RAF Scampton open to the public to view arriving aircraft. It will also be open on Monday 11th September for departures.

As there are no suitable parking facilities on the public highways and pedestrian walkways surrounding RAF Scampton, the Park & View enclosure is provided for your safety and convenience. This also means the existing Red Arrows viewing locations will be closed and instead we are providing you the opportunity to view from on the airfield itself.

Park & View also includes on airfield free parking, toilets, catering and free admission for under-16s.
Opening times:
Thursday 7, Friday 8 September: 7.30am - 5.30pm
Monday 11 September: 7.30am - 4.30pm
Book your Park & View tickets today by clicking HERE.

Ground Entertainment
It won't all be about what's going on in the skies above Scampton.

On the ground, visitors will be swept along on an aviation journey through the ages, from a nostalgic Vintage Village - offering access to the station's Heritage Centre - through to interactive and engaging exhibits from across industry in the Techno Zone.

There will also be the opportunity to learn about the modern-day Royal Air Force in the RAF Village where serving personnel will be on hand to give an insight into the many roles they perform.