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Red Arrows Display Schedule 2018

Below are the 2018 display dates & venues for the Red Arrows:

To be announced when known

To be announced when known

To be announced when known

To be announced when known

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows fly nine BAE SYSTEMS Hawk T.1 advanced trainer aircraft and are currently based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

Types of Display:
There are three types of display the Team Leader can elect to fly - full, rolling or flat. To carry out a full, looping, display the base of the cloud must be above 5,500ft to avoid the aircraft entering the cloud at the top of the loop. If the cloud base is less than 5,500ft, but more than 2,500ft, the team will perform the rolling display - substituting wing-overs and rolls for the loops. And when the cloud base is below 2,500ft, the Team will fly the flat display, consisting of a series of flypasts and steep turns.

Red Arrows Team Pilots for the 2018 season:
Red 1 - Sqn Ldr Martin Pert (Team Leader)
Red 2 - Fl Lt Jon Bond
Red 3 - Fl Lt David Stark
Red 4 - Fl Lt Chris Lyndon-Smith
Red 5 - Fl Lt Dan Lowes
Red 6 - Fl Lt Si Taylor (Synchro Leader)
Red 7 - Fl Lt Toby Keeley (Synchro 2)
Red 8 - Fl Lt Matt Masters
Red 9 - Fl Lt Mike Bowden
Red 10 - Sqn Ldr Adam Collins (Supervisor)

There is actually a 10th Red Arrow which is flown by the Team Manager who provides commentary during the display.

Scanner Frequencies:
243.450, 242.200

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