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Sea Vixen at the Bob Jones Memorial Air Show

Sea Vixen:
It has been announced that the DH Sea Vixen is to take part in the flying display at the Bob Jones Memorial Air Show at Welshpool Airport on Sunday 11th June 2017.

The last airworthy Sea Vixen in the world will be providing a feast for the eyes and ears of those coming to our show on 11th June. Having entered service with Fleet Air Arm in 1959 it is with thanks to Navywings now for keeping this impressive aircraft flying.

The Sea Vixen is an iconic all-British twin-boom, twin-turbojet fighter that flew from Royal Navy aircraft carriers at the height of the Cold War in the 1960s and 70s, helping to transform the nation's carrier aviation capability.

She was one of the UK's most notable aircraft designs of the time, with cutting edge technology and the capability to go transonic. The Vixen was the first British aircraft to be armed with guided missiles, rockets and bombs instead of guns and was formidably capable.

This particular aircraft (G-CVIX, XP924) is the only flying Sea Vixen in the world. It is painted in Naval colours as XP924 with the 899 Squadron mailed fist logo. The aircraft was gifted to Naval Aviation Ltd in September 2014 and now operates from the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight consisting of Lancaster and 2 Spitfires:
BBMF have been maintaining and manning aircraft for 60 years thereby enabling us to look up and see examples of aviation history which previous generations would cheer for the protection they were giving.

The Bob Jones Memorial Airshow is always an exciting and fun day for the whole family to enjoy and this year will be no exception. Added to thrilling and breathtaking displays in the skies we have the Transport Festival with it's wide ranging exhibits of cherised classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, buses and industrial vehicles.

Other attractions on the day will include helicopter rides (during which you will see Welshpool and the Airport in a very different way), trade stands, activities for the children and stalls (some of which sell teas, coffees and food to sustain you). A day with something for everyone.

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