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F-22 Raptor to display at RIAT 2017

The F-22 Raptor Demo Team have now published their 2017 schedule and they will be displaying their Lockheed Martin F-22A 'Raptor' at the Royal International Air Tattoo on the 14th - 16th July 2017. This will be part of the Air Tattoo's celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the US Air Force.

The Raptor's first display in the UK was to have been at RIAT 2008 but the show on the weekend was unfortunately cancelled due to unusually heavy rainfall which caused major problems which resulted in waterlogged conditions not only in the public car parks but also on the airfield itself. The Raptor did however display at Farnborough International Air Show in 2008.

In 2010, the F-22 Raptor made another appearance at the Royal International Air Tattoo and Farnborough International Air Show where it was able to put on a superb display.

The F-22A Raptor also displayed at RIAT 2016, although the display was cut short on Sunday due to a problem. The Raptor also performed a flypast along with a P-51 Mustang at Duxford's Flying Legends show in 2016.

The Lockheed Martin F-22A 'Raptor' is a fifth-generation single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the United States Air Force. The aircraft is considered to be unmatched by any known or projected fighter and the combination of stealth, aerodynamic performance, and situational awareness gives the aircraft unprecedented air combat capabilities.

It is the first operational aircraft to combine supercruise, supermaneuverability, stealth, and sensor fusion. It can sustain supersonic flight without the use of afterburners and the two turbofan engines, which each have a maximum thrust of 35,000 lb, incorporate thrust vectoring nozzles, for increased maneuverability.

Air to Air and Air to Surface weapons are carried in three internal weapons bays so that the Raptor can maintain its stealth capabilities.

However, due to the high cost and the development of the Lockheed Martin F-35 'Lightning II', production of the Raptor came to an end after a final procurement of 187 operational production aircraft.

The United States Air Force are the only user of the F-22 'Raptor' as it can not be exported under American federal law. This is to protect the stealth technology and other high-tech features of the aircraft.

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